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3D AIR - touchless fingerprint scanner

3D AIR - touchless fingerprint scanner

The 3D AIR delivers touchless finger scanning in a truly harmonious interaction with the user for unrivalled accuracy and the highest security grade. Utilising unique 3D biometric technology developed by TBS, the 3D AIR sets the gold standard for touchless fingerprint scanning.

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3D FLY - biometric Access Controll

3D FLY - biometric Access Controll

A true on-the-fly experience. 3D FLY delivers high-speed identification for fast-throughput environments. A smooth and seamless user experience makes its 3D+ trailblazing technology ideal for speed-lanes where pace and security are paramount.

This touchless hand scanner captures fingerprints quickly and effectively, delivering unparalleled speed and identification accuracy. Offering a contactless user experience, 3D FLY eliminates bottlenecks in high-throughput zones.

The high-speed camera feeds your hand picture to a lightning-fast internal processor, using our AI-aided algorithms to optimize the match-making time. TBS makes no compromise between speed and security: 3D FLY offers the best of both worlds.

Touchless technology not only delivers higher identification accuracy but also offers a hygienic solution to today’s user demands. The ideal device for sensitive applications in healthcare, business towers or event venues.

One biometric ‘hand’ template accommodates up to four finger templates. This means the weight of identification is not placed on a single finger but shared amongst four of them, delivering unparalleled accuracy on-the-fly.

Product range

3D LIGHT the quick and easy solution for touchless iris recognition

3D LIGHT the quick and easy solution for touchless iris recognition

The 3D LIGHT touchless iris scanner with its integrated face detection is very user-friendly and has the option to recognize face masks and measure body temperature.

3D LIGHT offers the convenience of facial recognition combined with the dependable security of iris biometrics. This high-capacity terminal is able to precisely identify up to 50,000 users.

The touchless 3D LIGHT utilises three different sensors: face detection, iris recognition and body temperature. Constantly interacting with their environment, the hybrid sensors can also detect face masks.

It doesn’t matter whether you wear glasses or contact lenses or cover your head or face. 3D LIGHT identifies all users as long as it detects one single iris, with no risk of false rejection. It works for every user, every time.

Product range

2D IRON the robust fingerprint sensor for any situation

2D IRON the robust fingerprint sensor for any situation

2D IRON is a robust multi-spectral fingerprint sensor that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The multispectral sensor is able to precisely identify up to 20,000 different fingerprints quickly, reliably and regardless of finger condition (dirty, dusty or oily).

Excellent liveness detection, configurable at three threshold levels, further increases security. It is ideal for high-security access control applications.

The 2D TOUCH family uses a common biometric template, so you only have to enroll once. 2D IRON is the family champion, delivering the highest grade of security and user comfort.

Product range

TBS Produktpalette – touchless biometric access control

TBS Produktpalette – touchless biometric access control


Combining the accuracy of biometric scanning with the convenience of a contactless solution, our innovative 3D TOUCHLESS devices offer the gold standard in secure identification. The future is touchless.


3D AIR delivers touchless finger scanning in a truly harmonious interaction with the user for unrivalled accuracy and the highest security grade.


Capturing four fingers on-the-fly, 3D FLY offers high-speed touchless technology for high throughput environments, without compromising on security.


3D LIGHT is a biometric terminal with iris recognition that identifies the user without contact. The terminal offers convenient user guidance via selfie on the screen, mask recognition and a precise heat sensor for maximum security.

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Company news

The future is biometric!

The future is biometric!

Biometric access solutions are becoming increasingly popular worldwide because they are based on authentic properties and are therefore more secure. TBS, the leading provider of biometric access and time and attendance solutions based in Switzerland, is pioneering these technologies. The unique non-contact 3D finger scan biometrics offer companies the highest level of security and convenience.

Biometric solutions have already replaced traditional recognition methods in many areas where security is a key criterion.  The technologies are developing rapidly and nowadays combine maximum accuracy with optimum process and system security. The use of biometric solutions is on the rise worldwide. More and more established companies and organizations are relying on this trend for secure identification, which will continue in the coming years and permanently change the security landscape.

 "With non-contact 3D finger scan biometrics, TBS offers its partners and customers the highest level of security and convenience. This revolutionary technology captures the unique characteristics of a fingerprint with the highest precision, while being both more hygienic and less sensitive to the known problems of contact-based sensors. TBS solutions are particularly suited for environments with high security needs such as banks, government agencies and airports, but also offer real added value for other applications due to their customizability and integrability," said Stefan Schaffner, CEO of TBS. 

Highlights at the show Security Essen:

3D AIR - the most accurate fingerprint scanner

The 3D AIR is the latest generation of the contactless fingerprint scanner. The elegant simplicity of the device, combined with its exceptional precision, provide an intuitive user experience and uncompromising security in equal measure. This makes 3D AIR the ideal solution for anyone who values the highest level of security - whether in sensitive areas such as the pharmaceutical and medical industries or in high-security zones such as banks or data centers.

3D FLY - the future of people identification for areas with high people throughput

The 3D FLY non-contact handheld scanner from TBS is the ultimate solution for identification 'on-the-fly'. This advanced technology allows up to 4 fingers of a hand to be captured and processed in real-time with unmatched precision. 3D FLY is perfect for areas with high people throughput, such as airports or stadiums. The result: a smooth user experience without bottlenecks!

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Company profile

TBS - Touchless Biometric Systems is a Swiss biometric specialist and one-stop-shop for biometric  Access Control and Time & Attendance. Originally started with the unique touchless and 3D fingerscan technology, today TBS offers an extensive choice of biometric sensors and devices including management software. TBS is integrated as a biometric subsystem in nearly all well-known international integrators and countless resellers worldwide. References include E.ON, Celgene, BMW, Breguet, Credit Suisse, Swisscom. TBS products are manufactured in Switzerland guaranteeing quality and sustainability.