Site plan

Special-purpose vehicles - Galeria

Special-purpose vehicles are used in a variety of different fields. Whether it’s fire service emergency response vehicles, armoured vehicles, vehicles used to transport money or other valuables – every situation requires a different security solution. At security essen, you’ll find the right manufacturers and outfitters for every vehicle type.

Civil Protection and Civil Defence - Hall 4

Military conflict, natural disasters and other large-scale emergencies represent a growing challenge for institutions and authorities alike, just as hostile intelligence agencies and extremists are targeting their attacks on critical infrastructure. The need for effective solutions is therefore constantly growing. Here nnovative products show how to make the world a safer place.

Special Forces - Hall 4

New threat scenarios – from unrest and civil war to local military conflict – have led to increasing demand for security technology globally. For the first time in 2024, security essen will give suppliers of weapons and protective equipment the opportunity to showcase their products to special forces in a dedicated area.

Video - hall 5

The exhibition area "video" is one of the visitor magnets. Classic video surveillance has now reached a level of performance and is being developed further all the time.

CCTV isn’t just there for when things go wrong. It also works as an effective deterrent, preventing crime and putting off potential criminals from the outset. When used in combination with automated reporting systems, security and response teams can be deployed already quickly and effectively. CCTV systems are a natural part of modern building technology

Perimeter Protection - hall 5 + 6

The security of businesses – as well as both public and private buildings and facilities – begins before you even step foot through the door. Beyond the classic entry and exit components, such as gates, barriers and bollards, drones are now being used more and more to protect premises. In the Drone Zone, suppliers can show off their latest products.

Entrance/ Mechatronics/ Mechanics/ Systems - hall 5 + 6

Whether it’s mechanical locking systems or electronic ones, access solutions are one of the key features of security essen that are always in high and unrelenting demand. Suppliers are already showing here today what will be state-of-the-art tomorrow.

Fire/Intrusion/Systems - hall 7

Fire protection involves a number of complex components and systems that are constantly expanding. And there are countless solutions to protect against intrusion for practically every situation. That’s why it’s so important to stay up to date. At security essen, exhibitors have the opportunity to showcase everything that makes buildings safer to a specialist audience.

Services - hall 8

25 % of visitors are interested in the services section of the exhibition. Hardly any other sector is more diverse or affected by greater growth and change. In addition to property, event and personal security, these include money or valuables services and a secure cash cycle.

Digital Networking Security - hall 8

Digital and Networking has become an integral part of civil security. Therefore new possibilities, such as smart home, have been developed. New solutions require various measures, including specific software, to reliably protect sensitive data and networks from unauthorised access.