Day of the banks and savings banks

security essen: 

The Day of the banks and savings banks will take place on the thir day of security essen in Hall 6 and is free of charge for trade fair visitors.

Day of banks and savings banks - Thursday, 19 september 2024

Thursday, 19.09.2024
10:00 am Welcome
Oliver P. Kuhrt
10:05 am - 10:35 am German initiative to reduce ATM attacks
Thomas Stieff, Federal Criminal Police Office

To reduce the number of ATM explosive attacks in Germany a round table consisting of the German federal police, the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community, German insurers, and others was initiated. The keynote will present the newest work of the round table.
10:35 am - 11:00 am coming soon
11:00 am - 11:30 am How standards keep Banks ahead of the criminal
In a transforming world the security of banking products must constantly be assessed. Products are more connected, burglars apply new methods and new laws are implemented. European Standards are an important resource providing security grades on products regarding their resistance to mechanical, electronic as well as cyber attacks. Based on the grades banks are able to get ahead of the burglars, compare products and receive a better insurance coverage.
  Mark Brookes, Chairperson of CEN/TC 263 "Secure Storage"
  Prof. Dr. Frank Janser, Chairperson of CEN/TC 263/WG 1 "Burglary Protection"
  Detlef Lücke, Member of CEN/TC 263/WG 3 "High Security Locks"
  Falko Adomat, Liaison member of CEN/TC 33/WG 7 “Burglary Protection"
11:30 am - 12:05 pm 5 elevator pitches of 5 minutes (not yet in order)
  New Energy Absorbing Modules – against attacks with gas and solid explosives
Michael Duisberg, SECU Sicherheitsprodukte GmbH
  Secure Innovation introduces Remote Planet. Monitor, manage, protect and control critical assets from anywhere in the world.
Anthony McAndrew, secure innovation
  Leveraging an open integration platform, AI and identity management for enhancing future enterprise security in the banking industry
David Teppe, Advancis Software & Services GmbH
  Fast and secure: The first high speed industrial door in resistance class RC4.
Christian Jacob, EFAFLEX Tor- und Sicherheitssysteme
  coming soon

Please note that further updates of the programme will follow.