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DNS Conference

The Digital Networking Security Conference will take place on the first and second day of security essen in Hall 7.

Here we briefly introduce all (keynote) speakers. Currently the page is under construction - it will be updated regularly.

DNS Conference Keynote Speaker

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Thomas R. Köhler

Internet entrepreneur and author of "Chefsache Cybersicherheit"

With his company CE21, Thomas R. Köhler advises companies and public institutions on secure infrastructures and applied data protection. The business informatics graduate founded his first company - a software company for web applications - at the end of the 1990s as a university spin-off, later focussed on securing and automating logistics processes with his own software company, before - almost 10 years ago - focusing exclusively on cyber security. Köhler is known as the author of numerous books in the subject area, including the bestseller "Die Internetfalle" (FAZ-BUCH 2010), the English-language standard work "Understanding Cyber Risk" (Routledge 2017) and - most recently "Chefsache Cybersicherheit" (CAMPUS).

Köhler is an assistant lecturer for cybercrime in the master's degree programme in criminalistics at the Brandenburg Police University and has also been a research professor at the Institute for International Innovation at Hankou University (Wuhan, China) since 2019.

Photo: Author "Chefsache Cybersicherheit"