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DNS Conference

The Digital Networking Security Conference will take place on the first and second day of security essen in Hall 7.

IOT devices and Internet connections of products and services, which were previously purely physical or self-sufficient, are creating new possible targets for cyber criminals. Smart homes, digital company buildings, video surveillance and access control in the cloud are just a few examples of the fact that the confrontation with data protection and information security is inevitable in the future - even for the previously purely physical world of security.

At the Digital Networking Security Conference, experts will report on current incidents, important interfaces between corporate and IT security, legal requirements that affect both worlds and practical implementation examples - both for those responsible for security in companies and public authorities - as well as for suppliers and installers of security technology.

Target groups

  • Large companies, industry, municipalities and authorities
  • Installers, planners, engineers, general contractors
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises, security service providers, security trade

Lectures of the DNS Conference

1st day, 20.09.2022
10:00- 10:45 am Thomas Köhler, author
11:45 am -12:30 pm Basic business protection and basic IT protection
12:30-01:15 pm Working title: Attack detection - quo vadis?
02:50-03:30 pm Hacked - and now? Learning from penetration tests, "real" attacks and mistakes
2nd day, 22.09.2022
10:00-10:45 am Hacking building networks
11:45 am-12:30 pm IT security for security management - practice, tricks & know-how for secure operation
12:30-02:45 pm Cybersecurity in video security systems
02:10-02:50 pm Working title: How do I use the cloud safely?

Please note that further updates of the programme will follow.