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EASTHOUSE - Elektronische Tresorschlösser

EASTHOUSE - Elektronische Tresorschlösser

EASTHOUSE bietet eine große Auswahl an elektronischen Tresorschlössern für Waffenschränke, Heimtresore, gewerbliche Tresore, Geldautomaten, usw.

In Europa sind 3 Produktlinien erhältlich:

SafeLogic: Elektronische Tresorschlösser mit SwingBolt oder DeadBolt Motorriegel.

Direct-Drive: Mitglied der SafeLogic Serie, aber mit manuell zu betätigendem Sperriegel.

ScanLogic: Öffnen Sie SwingBolt- oder DeadBolt-Schlösser mit Code + Fingerabdruck.

Sämtliche in Europa angebotenen Produkte sind VdS- und SBSC-zertifiziert.




SEPTEMBER 12, 2022, ESSEN, GERMANY – Easthouse Electronics Technology B.V. a Netherlands-based high security solutions provider today announced the lineup of its products that will be on display at the 2022 Security Essen Expo on September 20-23 2022. Easthouse has been highly regarded in the European market since 2015. With new certifications by VdS, SBSC and A2P*, in accordance with EN1300 class B and UL listed, the company is eager to share its collection of products.

One of the innovative solutions on display at the exhibition is the SafeLogic Stealth - a unique entrypad with touch screen, silent mode and randomized number display.  The SafeLogic S Series, designed for low profile safe lock applications; and the SafeLogic BackLit Entry Pad with backlighting, making access easy in dimly lit areas, will also be present. 

Easthouse will have its new ProLogic WebLink on display. This innovation is a network connected safe lock solution allowing for remote programming and management which allows users to program security functions, add/delete user access, and view real-time lock status and history, all from the web-enabled software system.  ProLogic WebLink offers flexibility in connectivity: Hard-wired Ethernet connection or wireless connectivity.

Easthouse has brought out the best of its line and continues to innovate, launching a series of smart security products for the connected home. The center of our system is a smart hub. The smart hub is connected to the internet and allows communication to all devices through our smartphone app.  

Easthouse smart door locks gives the user the ability to manage and control front door security with features such as remote unlocking and delivering one time code access for guests, adding users remotely, alerts and notifications of the lock status and activity all from within one smartphone app. Rounding out their security ecosystem, Easthouse offers smart window and door sensors to monitor perimeter security, smart motion detectors, and smart light switches.

Easthouse provides high security solutions for a wide range of institutions, including banks, vaults, and commercial chain stores. They continue to meet and exceed the security requirements of certification agencies worldwide providing real security and smart home solutions for the home.  

The company invites the Essen attendees to meet the European and International team at Easthouse booth in the exhibition hall at Messe Essen in Germany.  Easthouse will be in Hall 6, Booth 6B21.


About Easthouse Europe

The Easthouse European sales office in The Hague has been providing European-wide sales support since 2015. Besides the product information, advice, and service, the company distributes VdS, SBSC and A2P certified electronic safe locks that supply non-bulk quantities to the European market within a short period of time to meet and exceed customers' expectations.  Our Headquarters and manufacturing site is located in Nanjing, China. SECURAM Systems, Inc. headquartered in California, USA is the global marketing and sales branch. Joined with Easthouse Electronics Technology B.V. in The Hague, the Netherlands, we are proud to be a true global player within the security industry.


Frank Bennemann

Sales Director

Easthouse Electronics Technology B.V.

Binckhorstlaan 36 M4-20, 2516 BE Den Haag, the Netherlands

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Europäischer Standort in Den Haag erhält Vertriebsdirektor

Europäischer Standort in Den Haag erhält Vertriebsdirektor

Im Juli 2021 hat die Easthouse Electronics Technology B.V. im niederländischen Den Haag mit Frank Bennemann einen Vertriebsdirektor erhalten.

Herr Bennemann (Jahrgang 1974) ist seit vielen Jahren in der Tresorschlossbranche tätig und ergänzt das bisherige Verkaufsteam bestehend aus Netty Ge und Julia Jiang. Somit kann nun mit der europäischen Niederlassung neben Niederländisch, Englisch und Mandarin auch problemlos auf Deutsch kommuniziert werden.

Mit dieser personellen Verstärkung unterstreicht EASTHOUSE sein Engagement auf dem europäischen Markt für elektronische Tresorschlösser.


EASTHOUSE has been designing, developing and manufacturing high security electronic products since 1991. With roots in access control, innovative electronic and mechanical lock systems have been created to meet the demands of the global vault market. Easthouse provides dependable safe lock systems with unparalleled product performance and quality.