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Product range

EASTHOUSE - Electronic Safe Locks

EASTHOUSE - Electronic Safe Locks

EASTHOUSE offers a wide range of electronic safe locks for gun safes, home safes, commercial safes, ATMs, etc.

There are 3 product lines available in Europe:

SafeLogic: Electronic safe locks with SwingBolt or motor driven DeadBolt.

Direct-Drive: Member of the SafeLogic series, but with manually operated deadbolt.

ScanLogic: Open SwingBolt or DeadBolt locks with code + fingerprint.

All products offered in Europe are VdS and SBSC certified.

Company news

European location in The Hague receives Sales Director

European location in The Hague receives Sales Director

In July 2021, Easthouse Electronics Technology B.V. in The Hague, Netherlands, has gained a Sales Director in Frank Bennemann.

Mr Bennemann (born 1974) has been working in the safe lock industry for many years and complements the existing sales team consisting of Netty Ge and Julia Jiang. Thus, in addition to Dutch, English and Mandarin, it is now possible to communicate with the European branch in German without any problems.

With this personnel reinforcement, EASTHOUSE underlines its commitment to the European market for electronic safe locks.

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Company profile

EASTHOUSE has been designing, developing, and manufacturing high security electronic products since 1991. With roots in access control, innovative electronic and mechanical lock systems were created to meet the needs of the worldwide safe and vault market. Easthouse offers reliable safe lock systems with unprecedented product performance and quality.

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