security essen: 

New main subject areas, new halls and new security essen: The leading fair for civil security will put itself on a new footing as far as both the contents and the spaces are concerned. Starting with the coming event exhibitors and visitors will profit from a new hall allocation at Messe Essen.

In 2018, security essen will take place on a modernised site which will set new standards at the end of the last construction phase in 2019. Eight spacious and single-storey halls as well as a lot of daylight will offer perfect conditions in the future. During the coming event, a new hall numbering system will therefore be valid for the first time. And Security Essen will be reorganised with regard to the subjects too: Visitors will find Services in Hall 1, Access, Mechatronics, Mechanics and Systems in Halls 2 and 3 and the Galeria, Perimeter Protection in Hall 3, Video in Halls 5 and 7 as well as Fire, Intrusion and Systems in Halls 6 and 7. With the new Hall 8, Messe Essen will, for the first time, also provide a separate hall for the subjects of Cyber Security and Economic Security which are becoming ever more important.