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Ms. Jule Schütz

Company profile

The company VDQ was established in 1994 to support other companies in their daily business and evolved since then further every year. Caused by the progressive technology, the software solutions developed to a new digital process optimization system. Today, nearly every business can make profit from our mobile applications because every company must plan, manage, evaluate and control their internal processes.
Based on RFID, NFC, Bluetooth and Barcode technology we offer our customers tools to make their everyday working effectively and efficient, so they will save time and money. From modern smartphones up to internal Hardware – it fits to every business.
Since the beginning back then, the company is family owned and, in the meantime, already expanded by the second generation. Tradition and durability are part of our values with the highest priority, because VDQ in German means “Trust through quality”.
As a customer you get the hardware and software from a single source, because the software engineers work in our company.
The inspirations and ideas for new applications are generated in our customers minds, therefore we care about a strong and individual bonding between them and us. Feedbacks and corporations are very imported for us.
The main products from VDQ are: guard control system, time tracking, work schedule and lone worker protection.