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Mobile emergency telephone

Mobile emergency telephone

The mobile emergency telephone can be installed quickly. It is ideal for events, festivals and construction sites. It can be easily disassembled into their individual components and transported. By equipping with WLAN router and GSM gateway, flexible use is possible for events with large number of people (festivals, concerts, carnival events, construction sites).

The mobile emergency telephone has its own twenty-four (24) hours power supply. It is optionally available with solar panel or battery. The standard version consists of an IP communication station with two call buttons, loudspeaker and microphone. On request, it can also be equipped with a monitoring function.

Company profile

Telecom Behnke GmbH is a Kirkel-based German family business with the experience of more than 35 years that specialises in telecommunications solutions for door intercoms, industrial applications, emergency and lift emergency calls.

Within the company covers the development, production and distribution of intercom solutions for private doors, industrial applications and emergency situations, e.g. lift emergency phones, under one roof.

Thanks to our large network of distribution partners, Behnke intercom solutions can be found all over Europe.