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Scanvest Deutschland GmbH in the MEDIA CENTER

Scanvest hat neue Produkte von Vingtor-Stentofon im Gepäck: die Turbine Fullsize Industrie-Sprechstelle mit Display, die IP-Video-Tischsprechstelle mit Touch-Monitor, die vandalismusgeschützte Turbine Mini sowie eine neue IP-Türsprechstellen-Serie.
Photographer: Scanvest
Product range

IP Communication System PULSE

IP Communication System PULSE

The objectives in security communications are clearly defined: to hear and be heard – in all conditions. Whether loud ambient noise, echoing premises or personal distance to the station – thanks to innovative product design and unique IP features Scanvest provides CCoIP solutions with excellent speech intelligibility. Visitors can see the effectiveness of Active Noise Cancelling or automatic volume control live at the booth. These features will be demonstrated via the serverless IP system PULSE:

VINGTOR-Stentofon PULSE is a cost effective solution for small and medium communication requirements. The system starts with two stations and can be expanded without limit, depending on the application. As a standalone SIP platform PULSE offers many features of the larger AlphaCom XE system. The system uses an existing IP network and provides open standards, including SIP, HTTP and XML. This makes it easy to integrate with other systems and to expand by third party products. No central server is required for PULSE. Configuration, service and updates are easily handled via web browser.