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XS4 access control platform

XS4 access control platform

The SALTO XS4 platform combines electronic door locks, peripherals and software, into one customizable wire-free networked electronic access control solution.

Everything fits, everything works.


SALTO access control solutions are in use worldwide in a never-ending range of challenging and unique applications and facilities. Due to the scalability of the system, smaller projects can be executed as well as large installations in a variety of vertical markets.

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Since 2001 SALTO has been delivering the most technologically advanced electronic access control solutions in the market – wire-free and keyless. By creating the data-on-card based SALTO Virtual Network (SVN), SALTO has revolutionized access control around the world and set new standards in security, comfort and cost-effectiveness which will remain future proof.


The SALTO XS4 platform offers a wide range of the most comprehensive and versatile products, which allows SALTO to provide access control for the most diverse sectors - from office and government buildings to healthcare, public institutions, education, hospitality and airports.


Driven by continuous innovation and development, SALTO has established itself over more than ten years as one of the top five market-leading providers of electronic access control solutions. In addition to its headquarters in Oiartzun (Spain), SALTO now has offices in 24 countries worldwide. SALTO access control solutions can be found in over 90 countries on more than 3 million doors.

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