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On-Premise access control platform SALTO Space

On-Premise access control platform SALTO Space

The SALTO Space access control platform offers users the greatest possible freedom of choice in terms of system architecture, type and number of access points and security level. Thanks to its easy scalability, it can be adapted to changing requirements at any time, regardless of the size of the project.

The SALTO Space system platform is unparalleled in its versatility, which the company will demonstrate on several workstations on its stand. The wide range of product variants and seamlessly working technologies make it suitable for virtually any door situation. Technologies include the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) with patented read/write functionality and encrypted data transmission, the radio-networked SALTO BLUEnet, online wired as well as mobile systems, which can be freely combined with each other. In this way, customised access solutions are created that achieve an individually balance of security, flexibility, convenience and costs.

With the versatile hardware portfolio and technologies that work perfectly together, SALTO Space meets almost all technical and functional requirements - for every type and size of project worldwide.

Product range

Cloud based access control SALTO KS Keys as a Service

Cloud based access control SALTO KS Keys as a Service

SALTO KS is a cloud-based access control system specifically designed for mobile real-time access control. It can be installed wirelessly and with little effort. The core functions include location-independent and mobile access management: admins can create users, grant or revoke access rights in real time and open doors remotely via the web and mobile app. At the same time, notifications can be sent for selected access events.

All communication between the components is highly encrypted and thus protected against eavesdropping and copying. Security-critical operations can only be initiated via two-factor authentication.

Thanks to its architecture, SALTO KS offers all the advantages of a cloud solution: users do not have to install any software, always have their system up to date and can easily integrate it with third-party systems via API.

With SALTO KS, which is already in use on hundreds of thousands of doors worldwide, it is also possible to open doors using digital keys via smartphone. This results in simple and fast operation. Remote opening via web and mobile app is possible in parallel. Furthermore, the keypad locks and wall readers are also compatible with SALTO KS, which means that even more opening modes can be used for more flexible application scenarios.

Product range

SVN-Flex - Wireless updates in virtual networks

SVN-Flex - Wireless updates in virtual networks

SVN-Flex transforms stand-alone electronic locks and cylinders into wireless updaters for access rights. This leads to greater efficiency, security and convenience in access control systems.

The special feature of SVN-Flex is that users no longer necessarily need hard-wired wall readers to update access rights on the credential and exchange data with the server. This now works directly at the door at any electronic lock or cylinder activated for this function. SVN-Flex uses a combination of the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) and SALTO's Bluetooth-based wireless networking.

SVN-Flex drastically reduces the cost of update points within buildings. As end users do not need hard-wired components for updating, hardware and installation expenses are reduced. At the same time, the cost-efficient architecture of virtually networked hardware is maintained, as only individual doors are defined as wireless updaters - which is significantly cheaper than expensive cabling or wireless infrastructure for the entire facility.

At the same time, a system with SVN-Flex increases security because the doors with updaters provide real-time access control as well as the data flow to the virtually networked doors behind them is much faster. This means that critical information such as deny lists, battery status, etc. is now transferred more quickly from the offline doors to the server and back, and access rights are updated more frequently.

Operators can select the doors with the greatest intensity of use as updaters thanks to SVN-Flex, and even adjust this choice later in case the occupancy of buildings, floors or offices changes. And users can stay on their natural daily routes within a property, rather than having to go to specific points they would not normally pass.

SALTO's matching hardware comes standard with Bluetooth for Mobile Access and uses the same chip for wireless technology. This means that it only takes one click in the software to configure wirelessly networked locks and cylinders as an updater, without having to make any changes to the hardware.

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SALTO Systems is a leading global developer and manufacturer of access control technology, hardware and software. Its solutions are used in a wide range of industries, including office and administration buildings, public facilities, hotels, healthcare, education, retail and residential.

The company focuses on wire-free access control systems without mechanical keys. It continuously sets new standards in terms of security, comfort, flexibility and design. SALTO has revolutionised the market with its patented data-on-card technology SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) and the first wireless technology for wire-free real-time access control. At the same time, with SALTO KS Keys as a Service and JustIN Mobile, the company is one of the technology leaders in cloud access control and mobile access.

SALTO solutions can be found in over 20,000 installations worldwide with more than 20 million daily users. Subsidiaries in 40 countries and an extensive global partner network ensure presence in all regions of the world.

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