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SALTO Homelok

SALTO Homelok

The highlight on the SALTO booth is the completely newly developed cloud platform SALTO Homelok for the residential industry. Homelok combines the advantages of wire-free networking via the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) with cloud-hosted management software.

The platform impresses with maximum security, scalability and integration capability as well as an enormous wealth of functions. It provides property owners and managers with a tool that allows them to manage their properties comfortably, flexibly and efficiently and that can be seamlessly integrated into smart living ecosystems.

Product range

SVN-Flex - Wireless updates in virtual networks

SVN-Flex - Wireless updates in virtual networks

SVN-Flex transforms stand-alone electronic locks and cylinders into wireless updaters for access rights. This leads to greater efficiency, security and convenience in access control systems.

The special feature of SVN-Flex is that users no longer necessarily need hard-wired wall readers to update access rights on the credential and exchange data with the server. This now works directly at the door at any electronic lock or cylinder activated for this function. SVN-Flex uses a combination of the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) and SALTO's Bluetooth-based wireless networking.

SVN-Flex drastically reduces the cost of update points within buildings. As end users do not need hard-wired components for updating, hardware and installation expenses are reduced. At the same time, the cost-efficient architecture of virtually networked hardware is maintained, as only individual doors are defined as wireless updaters - which is significantly cheaper than expensive cabling or wireless infrastructure for the entire facility.

At the same time, a system with SVN-Flex increases security because the doors with updaters provide real-time access control as well as the data flow to the virtually networked doors behind them is much faster. This means that critical information such as deny lists, battery status, etc. is now transferred more quickly from the offline doors to the server and back, and access rights are updated more frequently.

Operators can select the doors with the greatest intensity of use as updaters thanks to SVN-Flex, and even adjust this choice later in case the occupancy of buildings, floors or offices changes. And users can stay on their natural daily routes within a property, rather than having to go to specific points they would not normally pass.

SALTO's matching hardware comes standard with Bluetooth for Mobile Access and uses the same chip for wireless technology. This means that it only takes one click in the software to configure wirelessly networked locks and cylinders as an updater, without having to make any changes to the hardware.

Product range

On-Premise access control platform SALTO Space

On-Premise access control platform SALTO Space

The SALTO Space access control platform offers users the greatest possible freedom of choice in terms of system architecture, type and number of access points and security level. Thanks to its easy scalability, it can be adapted to changing requirements at any time, regardless of the size of the project.

The SALTO Space system platform is unparalleled in its versatility, which the company will demonstrate on several workstations on its stand. The wide range of product variants and seamlessly working technologies make it suitable for virtually any door situation. Technologies include the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) with patented read/write functionality and encrypted data transmission, the radio-networked SALTO BLUEnet, online wired as well as mobile systems, which can be freely combined with each other. In this way, customised access solutions are created that achieve an individually balance of security, flexibility, convenience and costs.

With the versatile hardware portfolio and technologies that work perfectly together, SALTO Space meets almost all technical and functional requirements - for every type and size of project worldwide.

Product range

Cloud based access control SALTO KS Keys as a Service

Cloud based access control SALTO KS Keys as a Service

SALTO KS is a cloud-based access control system specifically designed for mobile real-time access control. It can be installed wirelessly and with little effort. The core functions include location-independent and mobile access management: admins can create users, grant or revoke access rights in real time and open doors remotely via the web and mobile app. At the same time, notifications can be sent for selected access events.

All communication between the components is highly encrypted and thus protected against eavesdropping and copying. Security-critical operations can only be initiated via two-factor authentication.

Thanks to its architecture, SALTO KS offers all the advantages of a cloud solution: users do not have to install any software, always have their system up to date and can easily integrate it with third-party systems via API.

With SALTO KS, which is already in use on hundreds of thousands of doors worldwide, it is also possible to open doors using digital keys via smartphone. This results in simple and fast operation. Remote opening via web and mobile app is possible in parallel. Furthermore, the keypad locks and wall readers are also compatible with SALTO KS, which means that even more opening modes can be used for more flexible application scenarios.

Company news

SALTO to showcase newest ground-breaking access control solutions at Security Essen 2022

SALTO to showcase newest ground-breaking access control solutions at Security Essen 2022

SALTO Systems will showcase the interaction of SALTO Group company access control solutions live for the first time at the Security Essen trade show in Germany, Sept. 20-23, in Hall 6, Stand 6B27.


Security, held at Messe Essen every other year, is the world's leading trade fair for security and fire protection. For over 40 years, the show has been an important industry exhibition, offering security and access control technology under one roof with a comprehensive overview of new technologies and product innovations.

Visit stand 6B27 in Hall 6 to learn more about SALTO electronic access hardware, software, and cloud solutions, including the upcoming Homelok with Apple wallet offering; GANTNER locker management; biometric and facial recognition technology from Cognitec; cashless payment systems from contidata; and visitor management control from Bluefield.

SALTO comes to Essen with tremendous momentum in the access control and smart building sector.

“We look forward to showcasing our newest products, technologies, and access control platforms like our latest innovation – SALTO Homelok with Apple Wallet,” says Axel Schmidt, SALTO Systems GmbH Managing Director. “SALTO Homelok is set to revolutionise residential living with its all-in-one solution that integrates SVN smart access control technology, hardware, cloud software, digital keys, a smart living ecosystem, and global service support.”

In a revolutionary move for the access control industry, SALTO has partnered with Apple to combine SALTO Homelok and the SALTO KS cloud-based management platform as part of the Apple Wallet offering. SALTO’s Homelok and KS platforms can now distribute digital keys to Apple Wallet, enabling compatible iPhone and Apple Watches to unlock SALTO smart locks without the need to download any applications—guaranteeing safety, privacy, and security to users, guests, visitors, and systems operators.

Several new SALTO hardware models will also premiere at Security: the SALTO XS4 One+, the updated SALTO XS4 Mini, the new SALTO Neoxx electronic padlock G3; and the updated SALTO Neo electronic cylinder.

To learn more about SALTO smart access solutions— and what they can do for you and your property — visit the SALTO booth in Hall 6, Stand 6B27, to meet the friendly SALTO, GANTNER, Cognitec, contidata, and Bluefield teams and experience the SALTO technology ecosystem in action.

Company news

SALTO KS successfully renews ISO 27001

SALTO KS successfully renews ISO 27001

Committed to the highest security principles, Clay Solutions B.V.—a SALTO Group Company, has once again completed the ISO 27001 audit for SALTO KS cloud-based access control.

Gaining ISO 27001 certification means the SALTO KS cloud-based smart access solution has been independently reviewed and assessed as compliant with the internationally recognized and respected information security standard. This once again confirms that SALTO KS has achieved a high level of data protection, according to industry best practices, that keeps doors and users safe.

“Every day users from all over the world use our technology to access their place of work, building,or door. SALTO’s continued certification from industry standards like ISO 27001 demonstrates our ongoing commitment to robust security practices and risk management and illustrates that information security is one of the key aspects of our work,” says Bart Klaver, Clay Solutions B.V’s Managing Director. “Regulatory compliance is essential in building trust and confidence in the effectiveness of our products and technology.”

Bring proven reliability and recognised capabilities for access control, providing higher functionality and performance than is possible with a traditional mechanical key access solution. SALTO KS cloud-based access control is a flexible solution that requires no software installation with best-in-class real-time capabilities and endless integration possibilities.

Company news

SALTO receives a Silver rating in the EcoVadis evaluation ranking

SALTO receives a Silver rating in the EcoVadis evaluation ranking

EcoVadis has ranked SALTO Systems in the top 25% of companies with the best performance in terms of sustainability policies. The recognition gives SALTO a SILVER classification in the EcoVadis global evaluation program.

The award is the fourth consecutive year SALTO has achieved a Silver Sustainability Rating, ranking it in the top 25% of all companies assessed. This follows SALTO’s commitment in becoming 100% carbon neutral for its factory headquarters and global office networks, which is a major step in making keyless smart access technology sustainable. SALTO has focused on achieving carbon neutrality through ambitious reduction in becoming carbon neutral and numerous initiatives that promote diversity, employee wellbeing, and social initiatives across all locations of the group.

EcoVadis is a global provider of business sustainability ratings, measuring environmental, social, and governance (ESG) evaluation performance against four themes: Environment, Labour & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

“This recognition is the result of the work and progress SALTO has made in recent years, in our commitment to environmental, social, and corporate governance contributing to the application of circular economy principles into our sustainability strategy,” said Ricardo Garcia, Quality and Environment Director, SALTO Systems. “The main goal is to grow and improve and to reach the highest rating in the EcoVadis ranking that contributes to the achievement of specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through SALTO’s responsible corporate policies.”

What is EcoVadis?

EcoVadis provides buyer companies with evaluation data on the sustainability measures of more than 85,000 companies from 200 industries in 160 countries via a global cloud-based platform. Many global companies refer to these ratings when selecting a supplier.

​​What methodology does EcoVadis use for its ratings?

EcoVadis assessments are based on international standards including the United Nations Global Compact, conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and the ISO 26000 (social responsibility) standard. 

At SALTO Systems, we work to become more sustainable

After completing the EcoVadis assessment, SALTO has achieved an overall score of 63/100. That places SALTO above 75% of all companies rated by the organisation. Guided by social responsibility and governed by ethical and legal requirements, at SALTO, we are conscious that we are just one part of a much broader framework. This is why SALTO has established sustainability guidelines and principles for our projects and operations that reinforce our commitment to the value that life matters most.

“SALTO BUs, all SALTO group departments and employees support this position through social, environmental, and economic responsibility – particularly with regard to global sustainability and the environment we operate within. This responsibility goes beyond corporate goals, and we are firmly committed to consistently engaging in a range of activities that reflect our commitment to the application of circular economy principles,” said Garcia.

Company news

SALTO achieves carbon neutrality

SALTO achieves carbon neutrality

In 2015, the United Nations Climate Change Conference reached a global pact (the Paris Agreement): to mitigate the effects of climate change and achieve neutrality by 2050.  Neutral greenhouse gas emissions are achieved when the same amount of greenhouse gases (CO2 equivalent) emitted are removed from the atmosphere in different ways. This does not mean human activities cannot emit any CO2, but it does imply that we cannot generate more than we can remove.

SALTO Systems has achieved carbon neutrality thanks to its participation in two innovative projects with a triple-transformative effect on the economy, society and nature to achieve SALTO's goal: for its operations to have zero impact on the climate.

A SALTO Systems initiative that is preceded by ambitious emission reduction targets and that, subsequently, aims to offset emissions that could not be avoided.

In order to accelerate decarbonisation and contribute to achieving the emission-reduction goals set by the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, SALTO is committed to promoting environmental recovery projects through revegetation, in order to offset CO2 emissions by sequestering them in tree species. In total, the 1,721 tons of CO2 generated in 2020 (359 at its headquarters in Oiartzun, Gipuzkoa in Spain and 1,362 across its worldwide network of offices and group companies) were offset in 2021 through two ground-breaking projects: River Chinchiná Forestry Project, Colombia (Fundación Ecodes and CeroCO2 ): Reforestation and protection of hydrographic basins in the Andes, and Apadrina un Olivo (Sponsor an Olive Tree) in Teruel, Spain, which fights to recover olive groves, as well as against depopulation and the abandonment of olive groves in Spain.

The global pandemic put a spotlight on the value of environmental, social and corporate governance considerations. Both projects, in addition to having a positive environmental impact, contribute to the fight against climate change and positively influence the local society and economy, so not only do they regenerate neglected natural spaces and protect biodiversity, but also foster the socio-economic growth of local communities.

● MDL Forestal Chinchiná — Colombia
This forestry project in the Chinchiná river basin was the first project to be registered with the United Nations Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM) programme in Colombia, generating benefits through the mitigation of climate change by guaranteeing the capture of carbon dioxide. Additional environmental benefits include improving water quality and the protection of the region’s flora and fauna by creating biological corridors that connect forest fragments in the upper reaches of the watershed, through the restoration of highly degraded areas (biodiversity protection).

● Apadrina un Olivo — Teruel, Spain
At, their mission is to recover abandoned olive groves in Oliete, a town in the Teruel region of Spain that has seen its population decline in recent years. This environmental, social and sustainable rural development project helps families at risk of exclusion and keeps people in depopulated rural towns by developing rural areas. The initiative also protects the precious flora and fauna that inhabit and depend on the olive groves to survive, helping to protect biodiversity and reduce the carbon footprint.

Thanks to these two projects and other strategies devised to decarbonise SALTO’s activities, together with a commitment to the environment and looking after the natural world, SALTO has been able to achieve carbon neutrality across all its factories and offices, in more than 40 countries.

● 100% of the electricity used in SALTO's factory is sustainable and comes from renewable sources.

● 25% of the electrical energy comes from the sun. SALTO has installed 640 solar panels in its factory, the first large-scale solar power installation in its global network. In addition, numerous energy-efficiency initiatives have been adopted that have reduced carbon emissions through energy saving, avoiding 198 tons of CO2 per year.

● SALTO has also minimised single-use plastics in its packaging, offices, work café and marketing materials and replaced them with more sustainable alternatives, such as biodegradable products made from FSC-certified paper, cellulose and wood.

The environmental policies implemented by SALTO reduce the environmental impact of its operations. At SALTO, we adopt practices that reduce our carbon footprint, consume energy responsibly, minimise waste as much as possible and maximise resource use. We also set mandatory environmental standards to embed sustainability across SALTO's worldwide network of offices and headquarters.


To learn more about SALTO's environmental and sustainability policies, please visit:

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SALTO Systems is a leading global developer and manufacturer of access control technology, hardware and software. Its solutions are used in a wide range of industries, including office and administration buildings, public facilities, hotels, healthcare, education, retail and residential.

The company focuses on wire-free access control systems without mechanical keys. It continuously sets new standards in terms of security, comfort, flexibility and design. SALTO has revolutionised the market with its patented data-on-card technology SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) and the first wireless technology for wire-free real-time access control. At the same time, with SALTO KS Keys as a Service and JustIN Mobile, the company is one of the technology leaders in cloud access control and mobile access.

SALTO solutions can be found in over 20,000 installations worldwide with more than 20 million daily users. Subsidiaries in 40 countries and an extensive global partner network ensure presence in all regions of the world.