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Easthouse Digital Safe Locks

Easthouse Digital Safe Locks

Easthouse offers a wide variety of electronic safe locks for applications: such as gun safes, home safes, commercial safes, ATM safes, and banking safes & vaults.

There are 4 product lines:

SafeLogic Series: Comprised of Basic electronic safe lock system.

SafeLogic Xtreme: EMP-proof Redundant Electro-Mechanical safe lock

ProLogic Series: The ProLogic Series is an advanced safe lock system designed for commercial and retail applications where a variety of security protocols. The product features a LCD screen with commercial features: such as Dual Control, Audit Trail, Time Lock, Remote Management, Audit Live Stream, and Wireless Connectivity 

ScanLogic Series: East House's most innovative line of biometric safe locks - just open your safe by scanning your fingerprint. Easthouse is pleased to announce its new technology for safe locks- FingerVein ID technology.

Company profile

Easthouse has been designing, developing, and manufacturing high security electronic products since 1991. With roots in access control, innovative electronic and mechanical lock systems were created to meet the needs of the worldwide safe and vault market. Easthouse offers reliable safe lock systems with unprecedented product performance.