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Product range

fire brigade periphery

fire brigade periphery

The “System 4000” connects old and new fire alarm panels from the same or different vendors to each other (compliant with VDS 2878 and DIN14675). A swing frame is used to hold the device in the appropriate housing and provides a customer-friendly installation. Additionally, it enables the interconnection of various fire brigade periphery components, including a new generation of operating and notification panels that can be configured through a new comprehensive graphical programming tool. In addition to the new Fire brigade call station (FES) for the German market, devices for usage in Switzerland are available. Slave monitor and modifier keys allow specific customer or project requirements. We present a study on "Dynamic and Adaptive Escape Routing" as well as our Burglar Alarm Panel MultiFlex (MFX). It represents the migration to from the EMZ-5008. The EMZ-5008 control panel could be replaced by an MFX central unit without changing the existing installation and peripherals.

Company profile

The IFAM GmbH Erfurt was founded in 1993 Erfurt, Germany. We are also specialized in customized solutions in the area of ​​safety technology, especially of fire alarm systems and their peripherals. As an engineering company, we can refer to extensive experience with regard to the development of fire and burglar alarm systems for renowned companies in Germany. Through the expertise of our team, we are now in terms of development services and product manufacture of fire detection technology to the market leaders in Germany. In our Company 50 employees ensure that our intruder alarm systems, fire alarm control panel (FACP) or parts of FACP, fire extinguishing system, explosion panels, fire brigade control panels (FBF), fire display panels (FAT), fire brigade building radio operator panel (FGB), fire brigade emergency microphon (FES), fire information and control systems (FIBS®), universal panels (UBF), detector zone displays for fire-routing cards (MGA), electronic indicator panel, Web based hazard message (IRAS), auto dialer and alarm devices (AWA, GSM Gateway) and control panels for building automation, developed, produced and delivered with a high quality. Development services and products just mentioned are very successful from the company Honeywell / Novar / ESSER, Bosch, Notifier, Hekatron, detectomat, Siemens, Minimax, Kruse, UTC, GE, Schrack, Securiton, tyco / Total Walther / ADT, VSK, IEP / Kidde Deugra, Dräger Safety, BUSCH-JAEGER, Hertek, ABB and many operators and installers. Together with our partners and clients we supply in almost 30 countries in Europe and the world. Our activities also on the cooperation of the Federal Association BHE and DIN technical committees. We have close contacts with universities, colleges and high schools regarding recruiting professionals, graduation and work experience. Our products of hazard detection technology and the workplace are certified. We have a certified quality management system and maintain since many years an apprenticeship. We convey Extensive knowledge regarding fire detection technology for years the professional fire brigades, fire brigades, local fire brigades, Fire inspectors of counties, fire brigade associations, planners and installers through training, presentations and symposia.


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