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Cube 1

Cube 1

The versatile 3D LiDAR sensor features a software-defined flexibly adaptable field of view and configurable scan pattern. The Cube 1 offers a wide field of view and long-range detection while maintaining a compact form factor and light weight. The proprietary solid-state technology is maintenance-free and durable. The on-device pre-processing and the easy-to-use web user interface make Cube 1 a smart solution for numerous applications.

Company profile

Blickfeld is a provider of 3D LiDAR sensors and perception software. A reliable security system requires highest precision in detecting, counting and tracking. The Blickfeld solution features reliable detection by the LiDAR sensors and powerful software for interpreting the high-resolution 3D data. The Munich-based company offers solutions for numerous applications in the security industry, such as perimeter security, access control and visitor management.

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