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Blickfeld QbProtect: The Smart 3D Security LiDAR

Blickfeld QbProtect: The Smart 3D Security LiDAR

By utilizing precise 3D point cloud data, Blickfeld Smart Security LiDAR provides reliable detection of threats while minimizing false alarms and thereby ensuring a dependable reaction to legitimate security incidents.

The system boasts real-time object detection through on-device 3D point cloud data processing. Its industry-standard interfaces allow seamless integration with existing security systems. Object-size based detection enhances threat assessment based on true object size, while built-in detection of tampering and malfunction ensures system reliability. The on-device alarm logic processing enables rule-based alarm generation for a prompt response.

Based on the Blickfeld Qb2 hardware, the LiDAR system's solid-state design and IP67-rated housing guarantee durability for both indoor and outdoor applications. Prioritizing privacy, it exclusively gathers anonymized 3D data, positioning itself as a reliable option for various security applications, including efficient zone monitoring, ensuring perimeter integrity through fence monitoring, and conducting thorough facade surveillance, suitable for various industries.

Company profile

Blickfeld is a provider of 3D LiDAR sensors and perception software. A reliable security system requires highest precision in detecting, counting and tracking. The Blickfeld solution features reliable detection by the LiDAR sensors and powerful software for interpreting the high-resolution 3D data. The Munich-based company offers solutions for numerous applications in the security industry, such as perimeter security, access control and visitor management.

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