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barox - switches made for video - cyber secured by design, advanced PoE management, industry leading training and support

barox - switches made for video - cyber secured by design, advanced PoE management, industry leading training and support

barox is a manufacturer of switches for video, media converters and IP extenders. The products have been developed for video transmission and have proven themselves there for years. Our aim is to design the products in such a way that they offer the planner, the installer and the user many practical advantages.

Product range

barox DIN rail Ethernet PoE switches power Bosch MIC IP 7000 camera performance

barox DIN rail Ethernet PoE switches power Bosch MIC IP 7000 camera performance

In a move designed to support installers and specifiers of video surveillance systems across the Middle East, the global manufacturer of professional video switches, media converters and IP extenders, barox Kommunikation AG, have been selected by Bosch to provide reliable PoE for their industry standard MIC IP 7000 PTZ camera series.


Intelligent barox Ethernet PoE network switches are specifically designed to cater for the heavy bandwidth demands of video surveillance networks. With their rugged construction, barox DIN rail PoE switches are capable of reliable operation within extreme temperatures, being certified for operation to 75 degrees centigrade, this makes them the ideal choice for the unique challenges of CCTV installations across the Middle East.


Already deployed in combination with the rugged Bosch MIC IP 7000 camera range within many key transport and road applications, the barox DIN Rail PoE switch range offers installers a reliable solution to providing robust high-power PoE, to meet the MIC IP 7000 camera series’ illumination and telemetry high POE requirements.


barox switches are already proven to provide capable and high-performance power management, remote reboot remote, device diagnostics, real-time alarms and notifications

for road and transport camera systems. As an example, each barox DIN rail RY-LPITE-802GBTME switch can power up to six Bosch MIC IP 7000 cameras, including accessories, (such as white light and Infrared LED illuminators), and provide reliable active PoE management and reporting. This, along with the ability to monitor and operate energy management for all connected devices across the network, means cameras can be remotely rebooted, without the need for an engineer to visit a site to physically unplug a power injector to re-boot a camera. So the barox switch can proactively save valuable time and money, and vastly reduces network down-time throughout the lifetime of the system.


Additionally, unlike with generic data switches from other manufacturers, barox video switches are specifically designed for the high demands of video security networks and include sophisticated built-in cyber security, with strong network hygiene. Barox cyber security features  range from Sticky IP to embedded firewall functions and above all, include peace-of-mind, with barox being a ISO27000 certified manufacturing company.


Proven in road and transport applications across the globe, the barox RY-LPITE-802GBTME is employed in varied transport and road projects. These include overcoming bandwidth restrictions, providing safe and reliable PoE to a 95-camera network, providing safety monitoring of the hard shoulder of a major motorway. Additionally, the barox RY-LPITE-802GBTME is also in service in a 100-camera motorway network, where they play an integral part in the consistent traffic safety monitoring of the road. Transmitting high-quailty HD images back to a remote-control room, operators constantly monitor traffic flow and safety, and any disruption, such as breakdown or accidents. Reliable, high-resolution images are key tools for system operators to keep users safe and the traffic flowing – and here, the barox RY-LPITE-802GBTME in combination with the MIC IP 7000 camera series has proved integral to the success of many surveillance systems.


These advantages are not only beneficial for road and motorway networks across the Middle East, but also for tunnel safety and to secure site perimeters, such as oil and gas refineries.


“The deployment of barox technology alongside the Bosch MIC IP 7000 camera range has seen two leading European manufacturers combine to bring a tried and tested solution to the Middle East,” says Luis Coello Sales Director at barox EMEA. “The benefits of robust high-power PoE in extreme heat conditions, advanced cybersecurity, and simple installation and set-up, has made barox technology the perfect partner for the Bosch MIC IP 7000 camera range and the many varied applications specific to the needs of the Middle East region.”

Product range

barox promotes video network hygiene & cyber security

barox promotes video network hygiene & cyber security

barox, the manufacturer of professional standard switches, media converters and IP extenders specifically designed for video applications, is promoting the need for awareness not only in selecting video transmission products that utilise sophisticated measures to protect against cyber attacks, but also for all network users to proactively safeguard their own sphere of operation.

barox has built important safeguards for protecting sensitive data networks. Extending the scope for consideration with relation to network performance and system integration to VMS, barox view network security in terms of both cyber ‘hygiene’ and ‘cyber security’.

Cyber hygiene (lock the doors)

Just as an individual engages in personal hygiene practices to maintain good health and well being, cyber hygiene can help keep data safe and properly protected; where users of networks and other devices can take steps to maintain their system health and improve online security.

The implementation of a good cyber hygiene regime will encompass the precautions users can take with the aim of keeping sensitive data organised, safe, and secure from theft and outside attacks, such as malware, which can severely hinder network functionality.

“Good hygiene practice includes a mix of regularly updating software and changing the use of complex passwords, to prevent malicious activities,“ says Rudolf Rohr, Co-founder & Managing partner at barox. “Only those users who need admin-level access to devices should have device access, whilst other users should have only limited capabilities.”

In relation to supporting users with good hygiene practice, barox provides access port locking, switch support login with authentication certificate, and video transmission device ports can be automatically disabled if someone unplugs them.

Also, with IP-based Virtual LANs, application networks cannot access a barox switch, and protection is offered by the protocol. In short, Cyber Hygiene is good practice, enabling humans and network devices to work together efficiently. barox products help with the easy management of networks via access and distribution layers, delivering the tools to deliver secure data and video – and in preparation for future integrations, like IOT and other digital devices.

AMPS cyber security (controlling access)

To aid installers, integrators and system designers to maximise the security of their video transmission networks, barox have coined the term ‘AMPS’, standing for Access Protection, Management, Performance, and System, to explain the different areas of video network operation to be considered. With regards to Access Protection, barox utilise end-to-end communication encryption and certificates to lockout unauthorised network access. barox management of login covers the disabling of unoccupied ports, Mac locking, Access Control List, TACAS and multiple user control.

Also, to prevent cyber criminals catching login passwords via insufficiently encrypted equipment, between server and browser, barox use ‘dual encryption’ technology that provides its video transmission networks with a sophisticated high-security barrier.

The first security measure barox employs is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), an established high-end transport encryption (used to protect online banking registration). barox uses HTTPS to encrypt the password on the way from the user's browser to the server of the switch. Providing high-end resilience, barox do not rely on this barrier alone. Offering ‘double security’, barox provide firewall-like protection against man-in-the-middle attacks with Access-Control List (ACL) and Access Control Entries (ACE).

Product range

barox & MAKU Smart solution provides enhanced bank security

barox & MAKU Smart solution provides enhanced bank security

Looking to the future of traditional bank branches, tomorrow’s banks are set not only to embrace enhanced customer convenience and safety, but also much more sophisticated, integrated security. Supporting the transition to that goal, barox Kommunikation AG, the global manufacturer of professional video switches, media converters and IP extenders, specifically designed for video applications, has partnered with leading bank security software and hardware provider, MAKU Informationstechnik GmbH.

A leading supplier of integrated security and information management solutions to the banking sector, MAKU’s bespoke integrated solution is approved by Germany’s Finanz Informatik, for compliance and regulatory use in the banking sector. This stringent data technology certification is required to permit third-party systems integration to any centralised banking IT infrastructure.

The integrated solution of MAKU’s DiVA Connect (Digital Video Archive) and proprietary Switchguard software, to barox RY-LGSP23x managed switch, handles video and data from a number of different sources, including ATMs, card readers, IP surveillance cameras, access control and audio devices. The combined data is processed and integrated via a firewall by the MAKU DiVA Connect + Switchguard, and the intelligent device acts to filter and distribute only secure video and data signals via a firewall, onto the bank’s secure servers.

Actively monitoring and protecting the video network/barox video switch ports,  the DiVA Connect + Switchguard software ensures that any interruption of network communication, e.g. to a network camera at a monitored switch port, is identified and leads to the immediate shutdown of the port.

IoT enables innovation

The barox/MAKU system’s connectivity enables new solutions and innovative services to successfully counter both familiar and new threat scenarios. As an example, a concern to the industry is customer safety at ATMs in bank foyers, and particularly at the increasing number of self-service bank branch outlets. Here, video surveillance solutions including visual alarm pre-sets or virtual patrols for monitoring the bank foyer, will play a key role in the branch of the future.

Utilising video analytics and vital visual information, intervention measures to stop a person attempting a cyber-attack on a bank IT system can be initiated, even before a perpetrator can carry out an act. The intelligent video analytics in the IP cameras can also be used to identify people loitering in foyers, so for example, uninvited guests could be detected during daytime operations.

“Integrated with the barox RY-LGSP23x managed switch, MAKU Switchguard acts a firewall to detect and stop any unusual physical activity or data on the incoming network,” says Rudolf Rohr, barox Co-Founder & Managing Partner. “This smart solution offers financial institutions a high level of security against a variety of attacks.”

Product range

barox joins The Alliance for Cyber Security

barox joins The Alliance for Cyber Security

In the company’s drive to implement the highest standards of cyber protection, barox Kommunikation AG, technology leader and specialist manufacturer of ‘Switches made for Video Networks’, has announced that it has joined The Alliance for Cyber Security.

An initiative of Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), The Alliance for Cyber Security is an association of major players in the field of cyber security in Germany. The Alliance’s mission is to increase national cyber security and strengthen resistance to cyber-attacks.

To help ensure the highest standards of cyber resilience, the Alliance for Cyber Security supports the exchange of information and experience from its members, to build a comprehensive knowledge base. In this way, The Alliance acts as an advisor, working with its partners to defend against today’s threats and promoting collaboration to build more secure and resilient network infrastructures and devices for the future.

“The implementation and management of secure communication data is a top priority for barox,” says Rudolf Rohr, barox Co-founder & Managing partner. “Joining The Alliance for Cyber Security will be a great asset for barox, supporting its drive to guarantee, and continuously improve video and data security safety standards. On this platform manufacturers of switches, firewalls, cameras and servers can all share their knowledge in order to develop robust cyber solutions.

“Taking the issue of end-to-end information security very seriously, barox has invested heavily into its ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification, and partnering with The Alliance for Cyber Security will add an extra dimension to our ability to support our customers with an unparalleled level of cyber security for our video switches, media converters and IP extenders. This is the reason we want to work even closer, and in co-operation with all those working within the IT and Internet industry in the field of IT security.

“In relation to products, in the new RY-28xx Series Managed Ethernet switch, barox has implemented firewall functions to provide protective measures that safeguard, such as, blocking certain protocols like Telnet within the IP camera network.”

The Alliance for Cyber Security investigates security risks associated with the use of IT and develops preventive security measures. It provides information on risks and threats relating to the use of information technology and seeks out appropriate solutions. This work includes IT security testing and assessment of IT systems, in co-operation with industry.

Company profile

barox Kommunikation manufacturers switches specifically for video security applications. We focus on network technology for video networks. Our products are designed to provide planners, installers and users with reliable, powerful and secure technology that is easy to install, operate and maintain.

Our philosophy     

During the 20 years of our company’s existence, we have strived to deliver high quality products with localised expert support. Following this philosophy has been core to our success, enabling our international expansion and greatly valued by our customer.

Our customers      

Numerous renowned customers have been putting their trust in our quality and service for many years. These include well-known airport and tunnel operators, energy providers, penitentiaries and major players in the video monitoring sector. Today we are considered the number one supplier of switches for Video security applications in the German Market, our aim is to replicate this successful formula in all of our overseas markets.

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