Marie-Curie-Strasse 8
DE 79539 Lörrach
Mr. Rudolf Rohr

Company profile

barox Kommunikation, based in Lörrach/Baden Württemberg and Baden/Switzerland, is the market leader in the field of video transmission technology. barox stands for proactive switches for video networks, innovative solutions and maximum security. With the POWERHAUS line, barox offers switches with integrated Device Management System (DMS), which enables a graphical representation of the network topology, including automatic recognition of device type and IP address. Active camera tracking with pings ensures continuous monitoring of the attached end devices. In case of system failures, a "controlled power backup" from barox enables a controlled restart - port for port - to avoid PoE power failures due to possible peak currents. Regular camera monitoring by ping and PoE chipset remote diagnosis reduces possible downtimes to a minimum. In the long term, time and costs can be saved as technicians proactively identify potential failures. Extra high backplane performance of the barox switches guarantee smooth video transmissions. In addition, jumbo frames up to 9600 bytes are not only supported at 1Gibts, but also at the typical camera data rate of 100MBit/s. This alone sets barox clearly apart from product path companions. As a visionary company, barox works closely with leading camera manufacturers on future-oriented PoE systems to provide its customers with stable and fail-safe video networks at the highest level. Always with the aspect of fulfilling the set standards and being prepared for the standards aimed for in the future. überzeugten users of barox technology include führende automobile manufacturers, prisons, operators of motorways and tunnels, etc.