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New version WinGuard X5

New version WinGuard X5

Advancis, one of the international market leaders in vendor-neutral Physical Security Information Management, presents its new WinGuard version X5.

For the first time, this Major Release is based on the new software platform AOP (Advancis Open Platform) and thus offers amongst other features more flexibility through an open access for 3rd party applications.

Product range

New product: Software-as-a-service solution Minder

New product: Software-as-a-service solution Minder

Minder, a software-as-a-service solution, enables companies to minimize their operational risk by comprehensively protecting people and assets.

Minder combines mobile and IoT technologies, creating a security solution that includes a location service. Workers in remote areas, for example, can be located. Companies can manage teams centrally, quickly identify location-based threats to safety, as well as relay important instructions to all employees via mass communication.

Product range

New Product: AIM - Advanced Identity Manager

New Product: AIM - Advanced Identity Manager

AIM (Advanced Identity Manager) is an innovative software platform for consolidated identity management which is being marketed internationally on a project-related basis by Advancis.

Several independent access control systems from different manufacturers can be synchronised easily, securely and across locations using the Advanced Identity Manager.  AIM acts as a superordinate “information broker” between the individual access control systems and thus enables cross-system data exchange. With AIM, each employee ideally receives only one access control card (badge) and can use this to pass through all areas that have been activated for him, regardless of which access control system or location he or she has to verify himself against.

AIM enables the continued use of existing access solutions without having to give up the advantages of standardised processes and central data maintenance.


Product range

WinGuard Enterprise – Nearly unlimited application possibilities

WinGuard Enterprise is a distributed system with unlimited locations,
clients, datapoint units and interfaces. The development of new interfaces is possible.

WinGuard Enterprise is representing multi-location systems, the ideal solution e.g. for distributed stores of a retail chain. With the System Manager module, the control of several independent WinGuard systems spread over multiple locations is possible. The status of each system is shown in a task bar as part of the WinGuard user interface so that the user has a clear overview. Automatic actions can be executed by the system in each connected location, enabling centralized control.

  • Global installations with an unlimited number of locations
  • Autonomous operation of locations via Location Servers
  • Integration of map material, geo-referenced datapoints
  • Integration of further process-supporting software is possible
Product range

WinGuard Professional – The comfortable and flexible solution for larger installations

WinGuard Professional is a distributed system with up to 15 clients,
25,000 datapoint units and 15 interfaces. The development of new
interfaces is possible.

WinGuard Professional is designed to offer multiple redundancy levels to always ensure the high availabilty of the security and building management platform. Thanks to Hot Standby, the system functionality is kept even if a central component fails. This is particularly important for critical environments, e.g. in the finance sector, in data centers, correctional facilities or any other highly-sensitive areas.

  • Distributed systems in large-sized installations
  • Multiple redundancy and high availability
  • Automatic insertion of detector positions into floor plans
  • Connection of superordinated incident management systems
Product range

WinGuard Basic – Multiple clients and network extensions

WinGuard Basic is a distributed system with up to five clients, 5,000 data-
point units and five interfaces – the optimal solution for medium-sized
installations, including multi-client mode.

The system is the ideal platform for linkage of diverse security, building or information management systems. Fire alarm systems, intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance or communication systems are controlled by one uniform user interface, enabling access to all control options and displaying event messages in a clear and easily visible way.

  • Distributed systems in medium-sized installations
  • Linkage of different security, building and information management systems
  • Optimized work processes and technical reliability
  • Central documentation and comprehensive reporting possibilities
Product range

WinGuard Express – The optimal solution for small installations

WinGuard Express is a standalone system with up to 3,000 datapoint units and three interfaces to subsystems: The perfect and cost-efficient solution for a single location not requiring any further clients apart from the main system.

WinGuard Express is suitable e.g. for the linkage of access control with video surveillance or for visualization and control of fire alarm systems with up to 3,000 detectors, including the automated printout of fire detector positioning plans in case of an event.

Of course WinGuard Express can be extended anytime to a more comprehensive solution by adding further functional and interface modules.

  • Cost-efficient solution for smaller projects
  • Linkage of different devices and systems that are installed in the building
  • Automatic creation of fire detector positioning plans
  • Flexible access and notification via optional mobile app
Company news

Product innovations at Security Essen

Product innovations at Security Essen

At security essen we will present the advantages of the new WinGuard version X5. With WinGuard, security, building and information technology systems are controlled via a unified user interface. Due to the innovative component model, WinGuard X5 offers more flexibility by an open access for third party developers. In this way, new functionalities and interfaces can be added to WinGuard and the user interface can be customized.

The Advancis stand with a size of over 100 m² not only provides numerous operator stations, but also creates a real control center environment with two large state-of-the-art video walls from AG Neovo/VuWall as well as the intelligent incident management technologies from Hexagon and the professional control center desks from Erich Keller AG. Visitors can experience live not only the technical innovations, but also the comprehensive operating comfort offered by a perfectly equipped control room.

In addition, two completely new products are presented: AIM is a platform for consolidating existing access control and IT systems through centralized identity management. Minder, a software-as-a-service solution, enables companies to minimize their operational risk by comprehensively protecting people and assets.

Company profile

More than 2,000 realised installations in different application sectors, worldwide area representations as well as numerous certified integration partners make Advancis one of the international market leaders in vendor-neutral security and building management (PSIM).

Founded in 1994 as a regional software manufacturer, the company pioneered with regard to cross-domain security management. From the very beginning, vendor-neutrality has been the decisive advantage of the WinGuard system, as the total security, building, communication and IT infrastructure can be integrated in WinGuard. The user in the control center is enabled to detect all situations in the surveilled building or perimeter in an optimal way, being efficiently supported in event processing by WinGuard.

The formula for success is the continuous development of WinGuard by innovative ideas, directly at the Advancis headquarters in Germany (Langen/Frankfurt). Customer requirements are efficiently realised. Focus of development always is on ease of use during daily operation and for configuration.  


The stand in the interactive hall overview

The stand in the interactive hall overview