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Personalize your Flic with your own unique design or logo, making it truly yours. Add a distinctive touch by imprinting your chosen pattern or branding onto the surface, transforming your Flic into a one-of-a-kind device tailored to your style or brand identity.
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The smart solution that automates your business, streamlines tasks, boosts efficiency, and so much more.
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Flic Smart Buttons: A groundbreaking solution for security

Flic offers wearable smart buttons that serve as intuitive interfaces to trigger emergency alarms and access safety apps. These buttons provide lone workers with a simple and effective way to request help or activate safety protocols. Whether it's a medical emergency, safety concern or security issue, Flic ensures support is always available, providing safety and peace of mind.

Important applications of the Flic Smart Buttons:

  • Emergency Alerts: Customizable buttons that can be transformed into powerful emergency alerts for quick and easy use.
  • Location sharing: Instantly triggers location sharing via connected apps to ensure quick assistance.
  • Internal Communication: Allows workers to send pre-written messages with a simple touch of a button, facilitating quick and easy communication.
  • Maintenance Efficiency: Improves machine tracking and workplace efficiency through simple button commands.

Why companies choose Flic:

  • Instant access: Flic Smart Buttons eliminate the need to search for a phone and provide instant access to apps or digital services with a simple press.
  • Easy Activation: Simplifies the process of activating emergency alerts and internal communications by eliminating time-consuming steps.
  • Versatility and easy integration: With three customizable triggers (press, double press, hold) and free SDKs for easy customization.
  • Increased security: By increasing accessibility of apps and services, Flic contributes to an increased sense of security among users.

Integrating Flic into safety protocols enables organizations to provide enhanced protection and security to their lone workers, keeping them supported and safe in any situation.

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