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De Raat presents a wide range of innovative products

De Raat presents a wide range of innovative products

New range of ECB-S certified products
During Security 2022 we will present 3 series of new, ECB-S certified safes.
More coming soon !

Creone intelligent Key Management
No more worrying about key management so people can focus on their company. We would like to show the best possible way to manage keys and valuables. Creone will make sure there is a secure and safe way to manage keys, regardless of the number of keys. These key management systems are used in hotels, car dealerships, health care establishments and offices.
The Key control series is the smartest system with electronic key identification and management for tracking and control of each individual key. The key cabinets are administered via the KeyWin software which logs and saves all events.

Serversafe DRS Prisma I TEMPEST
The safe is approved according to ECB-S R16 (ECB-S Guideline for the certification of IT safes) based on EN 1143-1 Grade I and the server chassis is certified to NSA 94-106. 
The server safe is a combination of high burglary resistance and high shielding of over 100 dB. 15 standard server elements fit into the 19” server rack. For temperature regulation, the server housing is equipped with speed-controlled fans. A sensor is used to measure the temperature in the server cabinet. If a temperature value is exceeded, the fans are activated and uniform ventilation takes place. This cools down the inside of the server chassis. Through an adapter plate, the cable glands can be customized to customer requirements.

Blinkaspace intelligent lockers
Intuitive, intelligent and space saving locker systems named Blinkaspace. The beating heart of our system is the software: intelligent, reliable and flexible.
By smartly configuring the application of the locker, lock and software, we can create a system that suits virtually any application. The possibilities are almost unlimited. We are also able to fully integrate our software with your own systems. With CRM software, planning software, access control systems, pupil tacking software, logistic, till systems, and more. That way, a locker solution automatically becomes an integrated part of your company's operations management system.

Premium safes
De Raat offers, next to her standard products, a series of high class design Premium safes. Quality is our devise. We set a great value on precision and reliability. To suit the needs of our customers we always strive towards a perfect look combined with the highest functionality.
We upgrade this class of safes through their extraordinary design and finishing with hand-crafted elements of precious metal, wood, glass or leather. Fully customized, our safes protect the valuables with guaranteed reliability and chic.

Blast resistant products
The PANZER program with blast resistant products contains doors which can withstand explosion pressure, ‘Blast Valve’ explosion valves and ‘Wall Sleeve’ explosion resistant and gas-tight cable entry systems. The Panzer doors are available in practically every measurement. The products are used for the security of bunkers, hangars and tunnels.

Storage of hazardous substances
De Raat contributes to a safer world by supplying products which will help to protect people who have to work with hazardous substances. The chemical cabinets can be furnished completely according to the customer's wishes. Our chemical cabinets are also certified according to EN 14470-1.
De Raat has a wide section of cabinets for storing hazardous substances and lithium-ion batteries. The cabinets fulfil to the European Norm (EN) and to the guidelines of PGS-15 (storage of hazardous substances). For the storage of lithium-ion batteries there in only a concept for PGS-37.
For the storage of these hazardous substances De Raat can supply safety cabinets:
• Gas cylinders
• Radioactive materials
• Crop protection products
• Combination storage (hazardous substances/chemicals)
• Lithium-ion batteries


De Raat Security Products is one of Europeans larger distributors for safes and security products.
De Raat is distributer for a wide spread of manufacturers such as Wertheim, Technomax, Sentry, Master Lock and FireKing.

Besides these products a strong range of owns products branded as De Raat DRS (certified products) and Protector (non-certified).

De Raat is also distributor in the Benelux for Creone key management systems.

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