Edelgasstraat 5
NL 2718 SX Zoetermeer
Herr Marc Dudink

De Raat general program

De Raat general program

Product ranges:

  • Burglary and/or fire resistant products
  • Luxury safes
  • Vault rooms & doors
  • key management
  • Padlocks
  • Secuirty mirrors
  • Social furniture
  • Blast proof doors


De Raat Security Products is one of Europeans larger distributors for safes and security products.
De Raat is distributer for a wide spread of manufacturers such as Wertheim, Technomax, Sentry, Master Lock and FireKing.

Besides these products a strong range of owns products branded as De Raat DRS (certified products) and Protector (non-certified).

De Raat is also distributor in the Benelux for Creone key management systems.

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