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BE 3581 Beringen

Company profile

We are Synguard, the experts in access management.

Why do we talk about access management? Because we go further than just access control: think of visitor registration & parking management, but also lockers, lifts, ... We have implemented all this in an open management platform, allowing other security techniques, such as camera, fire & intrusion, to be visualised from 1 user-friendly & fully web-based platform. This is also fully available from our own cloud.

The great advantage of our open management platform is that the various systems are combined in our own platform, allowing us to ensure that the building becomes safer and/or more efficient. An example of this is that certain readers are switched off when the burglar alarm is on, so that no unnecessary alarms are created.

Customers can therefore choose their own technology partners, who use open standards. They can make their choices according to their personal needs: functionality, security, appearance, from investments already made, ...

Together with our partners, Synguard experts search for the best solution for the company. Synguard deals with software development, our partners with installation and configuration. We each have our own backpack, filled with professional expertise.

Together, we are even stronger, so that our customers have the most complete system available, implemented by a team of experts.

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