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ÜLock Novus

ÜLock Novus

Südmetall, a leading supplier of high-quality hardware systems, is setting new standards in security and convenience for access systems with the launch of the ÜLock Novus. The innovative product has been developed to meet the needs of companies, organizations and private households looking for reliable and user-friendly access protection.

The ÜLock Novus combines outstanding security features with an intuitive user interface to provide the ultimate access experience. The state-of-the-art technology enables effective access control that increases both security and flexibility. With its robust housing and high-quality materials, the ÜLock Novus is extremely resistant to physical attacks and offers reliable protection against unauthorized access.

In addition, the ÜLock Novus offers seamless integration into existing access systems. It is compatible with various interfaces and protocols to ensure easy connection to existing infrastructures. Companies can integrate the ÜLock Novus into their existing security solutions to achieve comprehensive access control.
"With the ÜLock Novus, we are revolutionizing access protection," says Thomas Rettensteiner, Head of Sales Locking Systems. "Our aim is to offer companies and private individuals a first-class solution that improves both security and convenience. The ÜLock Novus offers an unrivaled combination of state-of-the-art security technology and user-friendliness."

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Süd-Metall Beschläge GmbH: Leader in quality, innovation and sustainability

Süd-Metall Beschläge GmbH: Leader in quality, innovation and sustainability

Süd-Metall Beschläge GmbH is a leading company specializing in the development, production and distribution of high-quality hardware for doors and windows, access control solutions and semi-finished and finished parts for metal construction. With a diverse range of stainless steel, brass, aluminum and wrought iron, Südmetall successfully covers the needs of the market.

Market leader in German-speaking countries
Thanks to its continuous striving for the highest quality, functionality and attractive design, Südmetall has achieved a leading position in the industry. Today, the company is one of the market leaders in German-speaking countries and enjoys an excellent reputation for its products and services.

Innovation and research
Südmetall is a pioneer when it comes to innovation. As part of the Almar Südmetall Group, the company is constantly driving forward new developments in the areas of fittings, metal and glass construction and locking systems. In-house basic research is a central component of the company's philosophy. An outstanding example of this is the development of the antibacterial or antimicrobial surface coating ABACO, which has been successfully implemented in many products. Another highlight is the ÜLock Novus, an advanced locking system that combines the highest security standards with modern design and convenience. It offers innovative solutions such as RFID technology, Bluetooth connectivity and sustainable, maintenance-free inductive technology.

In-house production and patents
Südmetall focuses on vertical integration and has its own production facilities, which enables precise quality control and flexible adaptation to customer requirements. Over the years, the company has acquired an impressive number of patents, underlining its innovative strength and commitment to excellence.

Sustainability is firmly anchored in the corporate culture of Süd-Metall Beschläge GmbH. The company relies on environmentally friendly production processes and durable materials to minimize its ecological footprint. The development of sustainable products, such as battery-free inductive technology in door locks, demonstrates Südmetall's commitment to a green future. The reduction of waste and the efficient use of resources are also key components of the company's goals.

Overall, Süd-Metall Beschläge GmbH stands for outstanding products, customer-oriented service and a sustainable, future-oriented corporate culture. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, Südmetall remains a driving force in the industry and will continue to successfully meet the needs of trade, commerce and industry.

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Südmetall embodies the perfect symbiosis of advanced technology and genuine enthusiasm in a sector characterized by tradition. For almost three decades, our company has been a reliable partner at the side of trade and commerce - a cooperation based on trust and high quality.

With a proud team of over 280 dedicated employees, we have not only managed to gain recognition as one of the leading independent family businesses in German-speaking countries, but have also expanded our presence to almost every continent in the world with our high-quality products and services.

The product portfolio of Süd-Metall Beschläge GmbH is as diverse as it is innovative. We not only stand for excellent fittings and metal and glass construction, but also set new standards in the field of access control systems - especially with our ÜLock brand electromechanical wireless security locks manufactured in Leipzig, which combine innovation with security.

We value craftsmanship and at the same time strive to help shape the future. This is how Südmetall has combined tradition with state-of-the-art technology for generations.

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