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Products and innovations

SPECTRE nano: Mixed vehicle and driver identification

SPECTRE nano: Mixed vehicle and driver identification

SPECTRE nano uses contactless technologies to expedite entry and exit from parking garages, fleet lots, or corporate campuses. Nano can recognize either the driver, the vehicle or both by using UHF windshield tags, a badge or even the driver’s Bluetooth smartphone with integration of the STid Mobile ID® ecosystem. These capabilities allow organizations to differentiate access control for vehicles and drivers with multiple profiles (like visitors, employees, tenants). In addition, SPECTRE nano is housed in a durable, anti-vandal shell that’s resistant to shock, heavy precipitation, vibration, dust or even sea water. Maintenance is minimal, and no batteries are required.

High security
SPECTRE nano offers the highest levels of security, using encryption methods recommended by independent security organizations such as ANSSI and FIPS. In addition, OSDP™ and SSCP® protocols provide secure end-to-end, bi-directional communication. Key storage is certified EAL5+. Encrypted and signed credentials prevent cloning, and managers have the capability to quickly erase security keys.

Easy and intuitive
But, don’t be intimidated by its robust features. SPECTRE nano is easy to install, easy to use, and can interface with most existing access controllers. STid strives to provide a more fluid and seamless access control process that is intuitive for its users without compromising any security requirement.

More info: https://stid-security.com/en/products/spectre-nano-uhf-bluetooth-multi-technology-reader


Company profile

For over 20 years, we have been inventing and supplying identification products and solutions for High Security physical and logical access control and Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI).

We help companies, governments and industries around the world ensure easy and secure management of digital identity by developing smart identification solutions based on cutting-edge RFID, NFC and Bluetooth® technologies, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Our self-standing and innovative contactless identification solutions have been designed to make your job easier. With STid Security, we provide identification tools that adapt to your existing processes and equipment. We deliver seamless access controls for your staff and vehicles, while ensuring the highest standard of security.

All relationships are based on mutual confidence - protecting data or people, managing multiple sites, supporting office moves, ensuring smooth and secure parking access or training team members around the world.