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IBOOM: the perfect simbiosis

IBOOM: the perfect simbiosis

The iBOOM unites time-proven active SECONTEC S1 remote video surveillance and proactive physical defence in an innovative fencing system from CAPRA. The package offers the decisive advantages of fast installation, cable ducts that are integrated into the fencing system and AI-based person detection with the built-in capacity to address perpetrators in real time. The iBOOM employs NDAA-compliant, high-performance thermal cameras equipped with mechanical sabotage protection as standard.

These cameras use SECONTEC AI to detect potential intruders before they can penetrate the perimeter. GDPR-compliant surveillance up to two metre outside the physical security fence provides a particular benefit in securing critical infrastructure – fully in keeping with the motto ‘The sooner you know’.

The high-voltage power supply, specially developed for the iBOOM, enables gapless detection along lengths of fencing of up to three kilometre with just a single electricity feed-in. In addition, the iBOOM makes extensive ground work a thing of the past: firm ground is all that’s necessary for fast installation. The mobile concrete base protects the signal cables from sabotage and prevents tangles of wiring. Special construction forms for doors and gates are also available, as are bullet-proof fence elements.


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iBOOM – Die perfekte Symbiose aus physischem & digitalem Perimeterschutz
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Messeauftritt Security Essen 2024 SECONTEC x CAPRA
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Video Operation Center SECONTEC
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SECONTEC - Security, Consulting, Technology

SECONTEC - Security, Consulting, Technology

Under the motto ‘The sooner you know’, SECONTEC offers sophisticated security solutions tailored to your specific security requirements – across industries and Germany-wide. We have at our disposal a broad range of cutting-edge systems equipped with the latest technology. In addition, the remote surveillance is carried out at one of our two redundantly networked SECONTEC Video Operation Centers, where our own SECONTEC security experts keep your infrastructure in view in real time, round the clock. From the initial security check, to the drafting of a customised security concept, to final execution – rest assured, we have the solution to meet your needs. All from a single source – mobile & fixed.

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SECONTEC is one of the leading companies in the field of remote video surveillance. We push the consistent use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the identification and filtering of alarms. Thanks to this digital know-how, we are Germany's technology leader in the surveillance industry.

Each of our surveillance systems is custom-designed, installed and connected to our in-house Video Operation Center (VOC) in Leipzig. There, experienced experts evaluate the alarms from cameras or hazard detectors and initiate the right measures. For your comprehensive security - at all times.

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