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New PIR and dual-tech motion detectors - SLIM LINE

New PIR and dual-tech motion detectors - SLIM LINE

SLIM LINE is a new line of PIR and dual-technology motion detectors equipped with a state-of-the-art lens, designed in Japan for SATEL. The design as well as the material of the lens make it more resistant to deformation.

What contributes to great performance of the new detectors is an advanced detection algorithm of new generation, specially developed for the new optical solution.

An integrated tilting mirror is used in the LUNA and PRO detectors, which enables them to effectively protect the creep zone.

The unique distribution of the IR and/or MW beams provides a high level of detection throughout the protected area. The detectors have a wide angle of coverage and detection range up to 20 m.

All models of detectors come with the function of dynamic compensation of temperature in protected rooms. Therefore, the detectors are characterized by superior immunity against false alarms.

Great advantages of the new devices include built-in end-of-line resistors and a convenient closing mechanism. In addition, the LUNA and PRO models come with a detachable terminal block that enables the electronics board to be completely removed without having to disconnect the screw terminals. Such solutions make installation of the detectors much easier and noticeably faster.

The SLIM LINE detectors are mounted in a compact, slim, aesthetic enclosure. Their uniform appearance prevents the intruder from identifying the model of the detector used in the alarm system.


  • new lens designed specifically for the SLIM Line detectors
  • advanced detection algorithm of new generation for better false alarm immunity
  • dynamic compensation of the protected room temperature
  • easy installation:
      -  built-in EOL resistors
      -  practical closing mechanism
      -  detachable terminal block (LUNA and PRO models)
  • protection of the creep zone by using an integrated, tilting mirror (LUNA and PRO models  )
  • new design of MW sensor (dual-tech detectors)
  • RF interference immunity
  • wide coverage angle and detection range up to 20 m
  • compliance with EN 50131 Grade 3 (PRO models)
Product range

Two-way wireless system - ABAX 2

Two-way wireless system - ABAX 2

ABAX 2 is a new version of the SATEL two-way wireless system that is compatible with the INTEGRAINTEGRA Plus and VERSA systems. The solution can also be used with any alarm control panel or in stand-alone mode.

The wireless system controllers (ACU-220/ACU-280) come with a new radio system which provides more efficient data transmission, even in the presence of other wireless systems or strong interfering signals. ABAX 2 features extensive diagnostic capabilities, including radio signal strength test. The data are encrypted by AES algorithm and transmitted in the 868 MHz band. The communication range is up to 2 km in open area.

A great advantage of the new system is the ability to remotely update firmware on all wireless devices. The process takes place in the background and does not interfere with the current system operation. Advanced energy management features prolong the battery life of ABAX 2 battery-powered devices by several years.

A significant enhancement as compared to the predecessor is the ACX-210 wireless, miniature expander of zones and outputs, which enables adding wired devices to the system. It supports up to 4 detectors and has 4 controllable OC outputs.

Another novelty is the AXD-200 wireless universal detector, which can be used as a magnetic, flood, vibration, reorientation or temperature detector.

Also, the ASW-200 (E/F) wireless controller and the ASW-210 miniature in-wall wireless controller have been added to the system. Both models offer, among other features, remote and manual control of 230 V AC powered devices.


  • operation on 4 channels in 868 MHz frequency band
  • operation in stand-alone mode or with any alarm control panel
  • up to 2 km range in open area
  • AES encryption
  • advanced diagnostics
  • low energy consumption
  • remote firmware update and configuration of wireless devices
  • antennas designed individually for each device
Product range

KNX - Modules for installation of smart systems

KNX - Modules for installation of smart systems

SATEL KNX are modules designed for use in smart systems. They meet the highest requirements for modern building management applications. The solutions are based on KNX technology, which is the world's open standard for many types of systems. The devices can be used in all types of buildings, including residential, office, industrial and commercial ones.

Key benefits of using the KONNEX/KNX standard devices include:

  • system's functionality perfectly tailored to the users' expectations
  • high degree of flexibility for system expansion and modification
  • effective and user-friendly ETS program:
      -  allows programming and commissioning of all KNX devices as well as designing and making changes when the system is in use
      -  is not manufacturer-specific – the system integrator allows devices from different manufacturers to be used in one system
  • energy saving
  • alarm system integration capability. 

According to the KNX standard, elements of the system are connected into one "intercommunicating" network, which makes it possible to build an integrated structure of all the systems. Individual system components are connected by a single main bus.

Integration of the systems based on INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels with a wide range of KNX devices extends capabilities of the two systems. For everyday control of both systems, you can use the touch keypads being part of the alarm system, which translates into cost optimization. For remote control of the intrusion and hold-up alarm system as well as the home automation functions, the INTEGRA CONTROL mobile application can be used.


Product range

GPRS-A - Universal communication module

GPRS-A - Universal communication module

GPRS-A is a universal communication module. It can perform its tasks as a stand-alone device or as part of the intrusion and hold-up alarm system, as well as automation systems.

The device comes with a GSM telephone that supports data transmission using 2G technology.

In alarm systems, the module can be used to provide reporting functionality, in conjunction with any alarm control panel. It connects to the control panel via the control panel's dialer or appropriately configured outputs.

GPRS-A has 8 inputs that can be set as digital (NO, NC) or analog ones. The latter can be used in automation systems as well as for monitoring of a wide range of external devices, such as temperature, pressure and humidity sensors. The device has a 1-Wire bus, to which up to 8 DS-T1 digital temperature sensors can be connected.

The module transmits measurement data via GPRS, using the MQTT, JSON and MODBUS RTU open communication protocols. All that is needed to collect data sent by many modules, is creating a proper server.

This information can be visualized, for example, to monitor environmental parameters prevailing in a group of cold stores, warehouses or production halls. This fits in with the concept of the so-called Internet of Things (IoT).

In response to exceeding the pre-set threshold values ​​of signals on analog inputs or from 1-Wire sensors, GPRS-A can report such events to the monitoring station or send a notification to the indicated users. You can also program the state of selected outputs to be changed automatically in response to selected events, such as switching on the heating when the temperature drops significantly.

GPRS-A offers several ways of sending notifications to maximum 8 users, by using voice, SMS or PUSH messages, or CLIP service.

The device has 4 programmable outputs that can be controlled remotely, by using SMS, CLIP, GX CONTROL mobile app or GX Soft configuration program, as well as through IoT.

GPRS-A can be used to remotely control an alarm system or other devices connected to the module.

For programming and configuring of GPRS-A, use a computer with the GX Soft program installed. Connection with GPRS-A is possible locally, through the RS-232 (TTL) port of the module, or remotely via GPRS.

GPRS-A can interact with the UpServ program, which makes possible remote update of the module.


  • conversion of telephone reporting to SMS / GPRS formats
  • sending notifications to max. 8 phone numbers
  • SMS / CLIP / PUSH messaging
  • 8 programmable inputs (NO / NC / analog)
  • 1-Wire digital temperature sensor bus (up to 8 sensors)
  • configuration of the response to exceeding the preset threshold values:
        - on analog inputs
        - from 1-Wire sensors
  • AC power control input
  • 4 outputs (2 relay, 2 OC type) controlled by SMS / CLIP (up to 1024 numbers) / GX CONTROL / GX Soft / via IoT
  • IoT - support for MQTT, JSON, MODBUS RTU open protocols, via GPRS
  • ability to check prepaid account balance and send notifications if the balance falls below set limit
  • configuration of the module settings:
        - locally - from computer with GX Soft program, connected to the module RS-232 (TTL) port
        - remotely - computer with the GX Soft program, connecting to the module via GPRS
  • interaction with the GX CONTROL mobile app
  • remote firmware update capability
  • optional connection of the dedicated APS-612 power supply
Product range

INT-GSM - GPRS module for INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels

INT-GSM - GPRS module for INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels

INT-GSM is a GPRS communication module with a bus for the INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus series control panels.

The device is used for reporting via GPRS (TCP/UDP) or by using SMS messages. Apart from that, it can transmit event information to interested persons via SMS messages or PUSH notifications. When INT-GSM is used in conjunction with the INTEGRA Plus control panel, sending notifications via e-mail messages is additionally available. The content of all messages, regardless of the method of their transmission, is based directly on the list of events and is generated automatically.

Communication with the control panel via INT-GSM is possible by using the SATEL connection setup service. This gives you remote access to:

  • configuration of system settings by using the DLOADX program
  • system administration by using the GUARDX program
  • operation from the INTEGRA CONTROL mobile app.

The alarm system, the INT-GSM module is part of, is remotely controlled by using SMS messages, free of charge CLIP service or the INTEGRA CONTROL application.

The module can connect to the control panel in two ways:

  • directly: to the keypad bus and via the RS-232 port
  • using the ETHM-1 Plus communication module, via the RS-485 port.

Connection of INT-GSM with the ETHM-1 Plus communication module enables the GSM network to be used as a backup transmission path for the INTEGRA or INTEGRA Plus control panel (an alternative to Ethernet communication). For the reporting function, the installer can set priorities using individual communication paths i.e. Dual Path Reporting, in accordance with the EN 50136 requirements.


  • compatibility with INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels
  • dual SIM card support
  • time synchronized with NTP server or GSM network
  • messaging: SMS, PUSH, e-mail (INTEGRA Plus)
  • remote control: SMS, CLIP, mobile application
  • reporting: GPRS (TCP/UDP), SMS messages
  • can work in conjunction with the ETHM-1 Plus Ethernet module:
        - Dual Path Reporting acc. to EN 50136
        - backup communication path
  • ability to use the SATEL connection setup service
  • system operation from the INTEGRA CONTROL mobile app
  • programming the control panels using DLOADX (remote connection)
  • supervision of the alarm system using GUARDX (remote connection)
  • connection to the INTEGRUM app
  • remote module's firmware update via UpServ
Product range

GSM-X - Universal communication module

GSM-X - Universal communication module

GSM-X comes with advanced communication functionality​​ and support for several transmission paths. The device can be used to provide reporting capability in the intrusion and hold-up alarm systems. For this purpose, it uses connection via the dialer of the alarm control panel or its appropriately configured inputs.

An important feature of the communicator is that it can be extended by adding the GSM-X-ETH Ethernet module to enable reporting via two independent channels (Ethernet and GPRS). Constant monitoring of the state of connections with the monitoring station and substitutability of the transmission paths meet the DP4 requirements of EN 50136 for the so-called Dual Path Reporting.

GSM-X offers several ways of sending notifications to maximum 8 users, by using voice, SMS or PUSH messages, or CLIP service.

The built-in GSM telephone has slots for two SIM cards. In case of issues with the network coverage of the first card provider, the module automatically switches to the other card to maintain continuity of communication.

The INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels can be connected via RS-232. In this way, GSM-X can perform reporting and notification (content downloaded from the list of events - INTEGRA Plus) as well as remotely connect to the DLOADX and GUARDX programs.

The device is equipped with 4 programmable outputs that can be remotely controlled using SMS, CLIP, DTMF, GX CONTROL mobile application or GX Soft configuration program. Thus, GSM-X can be used for remote control of the alarm system or other connected devices.

For programming and configuration, use a computer with the GX Soft program installed. You can connect the module locally, after connecting the mini-USB port of the module, or remotely, connecting to the device via GPRS or Ethernet (GSM-X with GSM-X-ETH module connected).

GSM-X can interact with the UpServ program, which makes possible remote update of the module.

Product range

New high rating backup power supplies - APS-1412/APS-724

New high rating backup power supplies - APS-1412/APS-724

APS-1412 and APS-724 are new backup switching power supplies for wall-mount or built-in installation. Models differ in their output voltage: 12 V DC for APS-1412 and 24 V DC for APS-724. This allows you to select the device with voltage appropriate for the supplied installation: alarm, CCTV, intercom, access control, automation, etc.

The power supplies are characterized by high output current rating, which is 14 A (APS-1412) and 7 A (APS-724), while maintaining very high efficiency exceeding 90%.

Undisputed advantages of the new devices are the anti-interference filter built-in at the input and the active system of power factor correction (PFC) (up to 0.99). As a result, the power supplies offer very good, stable operating parameters, even with large fluctuations in the supply voltage. The high level of safety is ensured by using short-circuit, overload and overheat protection devices.

Batteries acting as emergency power source can be connected to both units. This allows to keep the systems running, even for many hours, when the primary source of power fails and is no longer available.

Microprocessor control of the battery parameters (including internal resistance test) verifies the battery lifespan, and the function of automatic cut-off in case of excessive discharging reduces the risk of damage.


  • 12 V DC switching power supply, requiring no mains transformer
  • output current: 14 A (output) or 12 A (output) + 2 A (charging)
  • compliant with EN 50131-3 Grade 2 requirements
  • compliant with EN 60950-1 safety standard requirements
  • compliant with EN 55011 Class B in terms of conducted and radiated levels of EMI emissions
  • active power factor correction system (up to 0.99)
  • efficiency up to 91%
  • protection of PSU against short-circuit, overload and overheating
  • accepts optional sealed lead-acid battery
  • protection against deep battery discharge
  • 4 OC outputs for indication of troubles
  • optical indication of mains, battery, overload and overheat status
  • audible signaling of troubles
  • anodized aluminum enclosure
  • IEC C14 connector for power cable
  • connector for SATEL devices



  • 24 V DC switching power supply, requiring no mains transformer
  • output current: 7 A (output) or 6 A (output) + 1 A (charging)
  • compliant with EN 50131-3 Grade 2 requirements
  • compliant with EN 60950-1 safety standard requirements
  • compliant with EN 55011 Class B in terms of conducted and radiated levels of EMI emissions
  • active power factor correction system (up to 0.99)
  • efficiency up to 94%
  • protection of PSU against short-circuit, overload and overheating
  • accepts optional sealed lead-acid battery
  • protection against deep battery discharge
  • 4 OC outputs for indication of troubles
  • optical indication of mains, battery, overload and overheat status
  • audible signaling of troubles
  • anodized aluminum enclosure
  • IEC C14 connector for power cable


Product range

Alarm System - VERSA

Alarm System - VERSA

The VERSA alarm control panels are designed to protect small and medium-sized premises, including apartments, houses, offices, commercial establishments etc. They provide protection in accordance with EN 50131 Grade 2 requirements. The systems based on VERSA control panels are easy to install, easy to use and provide comfortable control.

The ability to create a wired, wireless and hybrid systems enables the project to be easily tailored to the current needs, as well as building character and completion state. The system based on the VERSA alarm control panel can be easily expanded by using wired and wireless expansion modules, while maintaining existing components (mainboard, keypads, etc.).

All VERSA devices support the ACU-120 and ACU-270 controllers of the ABAX wireless system. This is a solution for alarm systems in which using cables would be uncomfortable or even impossible.

For communication, the VERSA control panels can use not only the built-in telephone communicator, but also the GSM/GPRS and TCP/IP modules (Ethernet). Thus, their potential can be used regardless of the availability of specific communication media.

The VERSA Plus and VERSA IP models are solutions which combine functionalities that have so far required using several separate devices. The mainboards of both control panels integrate the ETHM, INT-VG (voice) and INT-AV (acoustic) modules as well as PSTN dialer.

The system is controlled by using:

  • LCD or LED keypads
  • VERSA-LCDM-WRL wireless keypads
  • INT-TSG and INT-TSH touch screen keypads
  • proximity cards (VERSA PlusVERSA IP)
  • remote control keyfobs.

Very useful is also the ability to divide the system into two partitions working in three independent modes (day, night, full). Each zone can be assigned to one or both supervised areas.

The VERSA series control panels can be configured by using the DLOADX program as the keypads included in the system.

Product range

Access control system - ACCO NET

Access control system - ACCO NET

ACCO NET is a scalable access control system with a distributed structure. Its extensive functionality fits in with the requirements of large and medium-sized multi-branch entities, such as retail chains, bank branches, research institutes, customer service points and other businesses and organizations.

The main elements of the system are the ACCO-NT control panels, ACCO Sever firmware, as well as the actuating devices, i.e. the ACCO-KP door controllers, to which readers for user identification are connected.

The system simplicity and user-friendliness is guaranteed by the ACCO Web application, which is available remotely via a web browser. This tool allows you to manage your system from any location, both from desktop computers and mobile devices.

ACCO NET enables central administration of any number of premises, in various configurations of the system structure. This solution supports up to 65,000 users and can be managed from multiple locations simultaneously.

The ACCO-NT control panel can be easily integrated with a number of intrusion and hold-up alarm systems based on the INTEGRA family panels. This combination provides:

  • easier supervision of access and security in protected buildings
  • integration of partitions:
      -  convenient administration of ACCO NET user privileges
      -  control of INTEGRA system partitions by up to 8,000 ACCO-NT users
      -  capability to arm/disarm integrated partitions from terminals, ACCO Soft and ACCO Web programs
      -  visualization of the state of control panel partitions, zones and outputs
  • shared history of events
  • capability to program automatic blocking / unblocking of selected doors in the event of burglary/fire alarm in the INTEGRA system.
Product range

Management of security systems - INTEGRUM

Management of security systems - INTEGRUM

INTEGRUM is an advanced tool designed for management of distributed as well as local security systems based on INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels. It was created for large and medium-sized enterprises / organizations, covering the following sectors:

  • banking
  • logistics
  • sales
  • insurance
  • energy
  • telecommunication
  • public administration
  • defense

and many others.

Scalability of the system, its intuitive interface, central base of users, settings, events and information about premises, enable simple and effective administration of multi-branch establishments, even from many places at the same time

Remote access to the system is possible from the level of a web browser, also on mobile devices. Two-way data transmission is possible, the information being transferred in real time, without the need to refresh the page. Encryption based on the AES-192 encryption algorithm is used in the communication.

The solution provides effective security supervision, instant response to detected events, as well as cataloging of devices. INTEGRUM also enables flexible expansion of the system by including additional security areas.

Using the SATEL integration software means significant optimization of the system implementation and development costs, the possibility of ongoing verification of incurred expenses, and thus - real savings.

Company profile

About Us
SATEL is a 100% private Polish capital-owned company active in designing, production and sale of high-quality electronic alarm system devices. The product range includes control panels, sirens, detectors, monitoring stations, radio controllers and switching mode power supplies.

Both hardware and firmware is based on innovative technological solutions, entirely developed by SATEL's expert engineering staff of the in-house R+D department. Constant investment in new technologies paved the way to the company's leading market position. Moreover, the ability to recognize and satisfy customers' needs contributes to the growth in living standard of products' users.

SATEL's machine park manufactured by leading world producers and almost entirely automated production process cater for perfect reliability of all products. State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and continuous cooperation with suppliers of best electronic components safeguard highest quality of manufactured devices. Outstanding machine park efficiency and its versatility allow the company to maintain a competitive edge on the entire range of products.

With SATEL quality is regarded as the paramount issue, every product must meet a vast number of requirements in each phase of existence, from design through prototyping and production, as well as undergo comprehensive testing, thanks to which it possesses an optimal features, such as perfect reliability, ease of installation and user-friendly operation. All the above mentioned measures form the company's ISO 9001:2008 certified quality control system.

SATEL products have won international acclaim among distributors, installers, surveillance organizations and end users. The authorized distribution network is constituted by national and international partners from over sixty countries, the latter resulting in dynamic export growth.

To our customers we provide competent service and support, we offer an installer support call center, internet discussion forum, direct contact with the sales department and an opportunity to meet representatives and management of the company at major fairs of the security industry. Feedback information from our customers undergoes thorough analysis to impinge on development and enrichment of products.

Ever since it started in 1990 the company has constantly developed, which has triggered significant growth in employment. At present SATEL staff comprises over 280 dedicated specialists, who constantly strive for excellence in every aspect of their activities. Effective cooperation in friendly atmosphere contributes to the rising level of customer satisfaction, which in turn constitutes the company's market success.