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Perimeter intrution detection system

Perimeter intrution detection system

RF900/960 are two models of optical fiber fence products developed by RAYCOM CO.,LTD.

The RF900/RF960 is Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection System designed to detect intrusions into the perimeters and borders on the basis of the principle of laser interference.

The main device of RF900 is an ASB plastic box packaged, with optic fiber cable leading out and optional power supply and alarm output cable. One main device of RF900 can support two protecting zones. It has four sub-models, RF900-1, RF900-2, RF900-3 and RF900-4 respectively.

RF900-1 has four laser outputs and two optical inputs, which can directly connect two zones, suitable for outdoor installation.

RF900-2 has one laser output and two optical inputs, suitable for indoor installation, which supports two zones by co-working with leading fiber cable and passive outdoor terminals.

RF900-3 is special for oil well application, supports rapid fiber cutting detection, refer to for more.

RF900-4 is for single-zone application, supports rapid fiber cutting detection; it only takes less than a second from fiber being cutted event to the fiber broken alarm being reported.

RF960 is chasis equipment with 19 inch width and 4U height. It is suitable for indoor installation. It supports four to 16 zones by selecting appropriate cards. The FO35 card of RF960 also supports rapid fiber cutting detection.

Product range

HD/3G/4K-SDI Optical transceiver

HD/3G/4K-SDI Optical transceiver

Raycom has different types of HD/3G/4K-SDI Optical transceiver for 1-ch,2-ch,4-ch,8-ch plus ethernet, which is the hotest sales in the broadcasting market.

Company profile

RAYCOM is a high-tech private limited company established in 2000April, registered in the Haidian District of Beijing, China, mainly engaged in both Telecom and security product fields.

We have successfully released 1/2/4/8 channel HD-SDI optical transceiver, HD-SDI distribution amplifier and converters. Meanwhile, we have been working dedicatedly to develop Fiber Optic Perimeter Defense System, and its dual zone( contact closure)  and multi-zone  products have been launched to the market . 

Furthermore, we provide professional AISC and solutions for telecommunication, as well as develop equipment such as  PDH, SDH, MSAP and telecom converters.

 With several years of technology accumulation and innovation, more and more matured products of RAYCOM have been served for Government, Enterprise and Service Providers worldwide, not only applied for national telecom operators and several security city projects, but also exported to foreign markets such as Europe, North America , South America, Russia, India , Vietnam, Africa , Israel and other countries !




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