Rozova Dolina 60
BG 6100 Kazanlak
Mr. Denislav Dechev

Company profile

Promet safe LTD was founded in 2008 in Kazanlak, Bulgaria, and is one of the largest safes manufacturers in Europe. Our production is equipped with the most advanced metal processing equipment, which is not only sufficiently effective and suitable for production on large scale, but also flexible and adjustable for manufacturing of wide range of items and switching quickly among various production types. Promet safe holds its own distribution network, which includes dealers in more than 50 countries. We direct our performance to approaching our clients individually and aim for long-term cooperation.

We manufacture and sell:
Safes - burglary-resistant safes Grade S1, S2, 0, I, II, III, IV, V, fire-resistant safes, burglary and fire resistant safes, fire resistant filing cabinets, furniture and office safes, gun safes and deposit safes.

Vault doors : grade 1-5 burglary resistant.   

Electronic locks including ECBS certified finger print lock and electronic lock with override key.

Bolt work systems for all our safes.

Steel  furniture - two-door cabinets, storage cabinets, shelving, industrial furniture etc

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