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Next level efficiency: portier Vision 5

Next level efficiency: portier Vision 5

Discover the future of lock management with portier Vision 5, featuring a fresh look, enhanced functionality, and innovative tools designed to provide a smoother, more intuitive, and highly efficient experience.

CleanSlate Interface
Experience clarity and focus with CleanSlate Interface

QuickTiles Dashboard
Boost efficiency with QuickTiles Dashboard

Enhance your search with QueryKeeper

Securely manage documents with DocuVault

Revolutionize key issuance with KeyOnTheGo

and much more: https://portier.de/vision-5/

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Boost Efficiency with QuickTiles Dashboard
Photographer: portier
Revolutionise Key Issuance with KeyOnTheGo
Photographer: portier
Discover the future of lock management with portier Vision 5, featuring a fresh look, enhanced functionality, and innovative tools designed to provide a smoother, more intuitive, and highly efficient experience.
Photographer: portier
Experience Clarity and Focus with CleanSlate Interface
Photographer: portier
Product range

Efficient management of locking systems

Efficient management of locking systems

Unlock the Future of Security Management with portier® Vision

Experience unparalleled efficiency and innovation in lock system management with ‘portier® Vision’, the ultimate solution for securing your facilities and assets.

‘portier® Vision’ revolutionizes the way you manage access and security across your infrastructure. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, ‘portier® Vision’ offers seamless integration with both mechanical and digital locking systems, making it the perfect choice for businesses and institutions of all sizes. Explore our Standard, Plus+, and Professional versions to find the perfect fit for your security needs.

Standard Version:
Ideal for smaller facilities, offering comprehensive management of one locking system and up to 500 cylinders. Simplify your security with ease.

Plus+ Version:
A step up for growing operations, manage up to three locking systems and 1,000 cylinders, adding flexibility and scalability to your security strategy.

Professional Version:
The ultimate solution for large-scale operations, with unlimited management of locking systems and cylinders, ensuring no security detail is overlooked.


Company profile

portier - Pioneering Innovative Lock Management Software

About Us:

Founded in 1992, portier has evolved into a leading company in lock management software. Our journey began with the development of lock system software, and today we stand for innovation, security, and outstanding user experience.

Our Vision:

portier aims to shape the future of software innovation. Our mission is to revolutionize the security industry through technological advancements, ethical business practices, and strong partnerships.

Products and Solutions:

portier Vision: Our comprehensive software for lock management comes in Standard, Plus, and Professional versions, offering tailored solutions for different business sizes.

Latest Innovations:

  • New UI: "CleanSlate Interface" Experience clarity and focus with the CleanSlate Interface.
    We've redesigned our UI to be more intuitive, removing clutter to focus on what's essential in your everyday work. Staying true to our 30-year heritage, the CleanSlate Interface introduces a monochrome palette with subtle blue highlights, brand new minimalist icons, and a reorganized left menu bar. Navigate your tasks with ease and enjoy a modern, streamlined experience without sacrificing the proven UX our customers love.

  • New Home Screen with Customisable Shortcut Tiles: "QuickTiles Dashboard"
    Boost efficiency with the QuickTiles Dashboard. Introducing the QuickTiles Dashboard, a major UX enhancement that allows you to customize your home screen with shortcut tiles for any function in portier. Access everything you need with a single click, all from one screen. This feature drastically increases efficiency and ease of use, making your workflow smoother and faster than ever before.

  • Queries can now be saved and retrieved:"QueryKeeper"
    Enhance your search with QueryKeeper. portier Vision’s powerful query function just got better. With QueryKeeper, you can now save and retrieve complex queries effortlessly. Build upon existing lookups in more detail and access them instantly through the QuickTiles Dashboard. Simplify your data management with the confidence that your advanced searches are just a click away.

  • Document Management System: "DocuVault"
    Securely manage documents with DocuVault. Responding to popular demand, portier now includes DocuVault, a robust document management system. Store critical documentation such as signed permissions, past access logs, and other essential records directly against people records. Enhance your locking system management with seamless document storage and retrieval, ensuring that all necessary paperwork is securely and efficiently managed.

  • Issuing keys via mobile device: "KeyOnTheGo"
    Revolutionize key issuance with KeyOnTheGo. Say goodbye to third-party hardware and hello to convenience with KeyOnTheGo. Our new mobile app allows users to capture digital signatures with any mobile device, eliminating the need for additional equipment. Soon, key issuers will be able to bring the key and mobile device directly to the recipient, obtaining signatures on the spot. This feature enhances security by avoiding workarounds and ensures that keys are issued swiftly and securely.

Security and Compliance:

Security is our top priority. Our systems adhere to the highest standards, ensuring the protection and integrity of our users' data through regular updates and security enhancements.

Future Strategy:

portier is preparing for a comprehensive cloud transformation, expected to be completed by the end of 2025. This transition will enable a scalable, secure, and innovative platform that integrates both mechanical and digital locking systems, optimized by artificial intelligence.


Visit us at the Security Fair to learn more about our products and how portier can help you manage your locking systems more efficiently and securely. For more information, please visit our website: www.portier.de

portier - Your partner for advanced lock management software.

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