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Product range

The PB product range is based on degradation/tracking technologies.

  • The PB Cash-In-Transit System consist of following: Security cases, Trolleys, Dropsystems and Lockers for values and ATM cassettes.
  • The PB ATM Security / End to End Solutions consist of following: Security for ATM Cassettes and tracking/gas alarms for the ATM itself.
  • The PB soft skin Vehicle systems consist of Digital CCTV  and/or integrated GPS tracking for mobile applications


Company profile

Protecting what's truly valuable

At Petersen-Bach, we believe that the most valuable thing
we can protect, is life.

That's why people come first - in everything we do.

For more than 40 years Petersen-Bach has assisted banking institutions and CIT transporters all over the world with solutions that secure cash as well as human lives. With a unique knowledge of business alongside with the industry's toughest demands for security level, operational reliability, user-friendliness, ergonomics and environmental concerns we tailor the world's most efficient solutions for protection of valuables to our customers.

Our solutions protect people - not the opposite

Our highest priority is always the safety of the employee. We know that weapons and armour do not frighten determined people, and we don't believe in escalating conflicts. Therefore all our products are based on the IBNS principles and intelligent tracking. In this way not only do we prevent valuables from falling into the wrong hands, we also track them with exact precision, and most importantly, we avoid putting the employees life at risk.

That's the Petersen-Bach way.