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InkSys-ATM - Protection of ATM cassettes

InkSys-ATM - Protection of ATM cassettes

The ink protection system InkSys-ATM from Petersen-Bach is adapted to fit into the lid of standard ATM cassettes. Operation of ATM cassettes with InkSys-ATM is simple, in an intelligent and safe way - both while being deposited in the ATM and when inside it.

The system is compatible with a range of extra security features. InkSys-ATM has no or very little effect on bank note capacity.

Product range

AntiGas-Ex for ATMs

Gas explosion attacks on ATMs are an increasing problem. Our AntiGas-EX system protects people as well as buildings by rendering the gas harmless before it reaches an explosive volume.

In the event of an attempt of pull-out or drilling, our ATM controller's security and alarm features activate, neutralise the value of the bank notes in the ATM through ink-staining and prevent drawing of stained notes.

Product range

Petersen-Bach - Cash protection for any need!

Petersen-Bach - Cash protection for any need!

We offer a wide variety of solutions for cash and asset protection - all tailorable to our customers' specific needs:

Cash-in-transit security solutions
Security equipment for cash and asset transports
Money depository system
CIT cases
Tracking and monitoring of vehicles
Soft skin CIT vehicles with IBNS
Tracking and end-to-end-based security solutions
ATM security with anti-gas and tracking systems
ATM security
Anti-gas systems
Gas detection
Cash protection in ATM cassettes
Ink protection of ATM
Ink protection of ATM cassettes (IBNS)
Ink security
Bank note dying
IBNS – Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation System
Cash protection - bank tellers
Cash protection
Cash handling
Cash Tracking
Asset Tracking

Product range

Security Cases PB CIT 2400 and 2410

Security Cases PB CIT 2400 and 2410

Our CIT cases safeguard your cash in transit from theft and protect your staff from the risk of violence between secure areas. They are simple and easy to use and keep your staff safe, even in stressful situations. Our cases were designed, tested and approved in collaboration with occupational therapists and working environment specialists. In addition, the cases are certified by the German VGB. They are sturdy yet made of the newest lightweight materials. When it comes to ergonomics and environment, we like to go one step further than the official requirements out of consideration for daily users.

PB CIT 2400 Case
PB CIT 2400 Case is available with a rack mountable in vehicle or safe area. The case is designed for walking transport mode and a.o. protected with handle sensors.

B CIT 2410 Case
As the known above PB CIT 2400 Case, but this works also with the PB DropSafe system. PB CIT 2410 Case is emptied straight in the Deposit system that has been mounted in the CIT-vehicle and can be reused immediately. This way PB Drop Safe system replaces a large number of cases.

Company profile

Protecting what's truly valuable

At Petersen-Bach, we believe that the most valuable thing we can protect, is life.

That's why people come first - in everything we do.

For more than 40 years Petersen-Bach has assisted banking institutions and CIT transporters all over the world with solutions that secure cash as well as human lives. With a unique knowledge of business alongside with the industry's toughest demands for security level, operational reliability, user-friendliness, ergonomics and environmental concerns we tailor the world's most efficient solutions for protection of valuables to our customers.

Our solutions protect people - not the opposite

Our highest priority is always the safety of the employee. We know that weapons and armour do not frighten determined people, and we don't believe in escalating conflicts. Therefore all our products are based on the IBNS principles and intelligent tracking. In this way not only do we prevent valuables from falling into the wrong hands, we also track them with exact precision, and most importantly, we avoid putting the employees life at risk.

That's the Petersen-Bach way.

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