Torunska 8
PL 44-122 Gliwice

Company profile

The company MERAWEX was founded in 1989. From the beginning of its activity, it has been involved in the development and production of the switching power supplies and uninterruptible power supply systems. Over time, the offer was extended to include other electronic and mechanical products and services.


Power supply solutions for:
• Automatic and fire panel controls
• Industrial automation
• Telecommunications and power industry

We manufacture also metal cabinets and hausings for security and OEM products.

The company employs over 120 employees. In 2017, it generated revenues of 5,5 million EUR. The company is located in its own buildings of the area of 3,700 m2.

 The company uses a certified integrated quality and environmental management system ISO 9001 / ISO 14001. The pursuit of quality improvement is a constant goal of the company. Information from our customers, DNV, CNBOP-PIB and VdS audits as well as employee requests and periodic internal reviews translate into changes in projects, procedures and the infrastructure used by the MERAWEX.

We have in mind that our products and services constitute real and long-term value for our clients. Therefore, our customers cooperate with us for many years.