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LivEye® - mobile security solutions for your individual needs and requirements

We at LivEye® know that every terrain and therefore every surveillance requirement is different. Thanks to our large variety of solutions, every surveillance requirement can be solved individually. As a result, you get a unique security concept with the mobile LivEye® video surveillance, which means that nothing can go wrong anymore.

Our surveillance technology enables the control of large outdoor areas such as construction sites, commercial areas or event sites. Areas that are difficult to access and possible changes of location are no problem.

To keep everything safe, our LivEye® systems are connected to our alarm & video monitoring Centre, which is there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The alarm messages can also be analysed retrospectively for up to four weeks. Errors are reduced thanks to the modern motion analysis software and intelligent parameters.


The operation of our surveillance system is, without question, simple, nevertheless all threats are eliminated

The LivEye® cameras can detect any unusual or suspicious activity from a distance of up to 200 m. The available light is used during the day, while the night vision mode is switched on automatically at nightfall.

Our intelligent LivEye® analysis software can distinguish between humans, animals or even a recurring movement. To ensure that privacy is permanently protected and that you always remain on the safe side in compliance with GDPR, sub-areas of the surveillance image can also be pixelated or private zones can be set up, such as public streets or residential areas.

As soon as an intruder is detected, our emergency call control centre is alerted. Intruders can be requested to leave the premises immediately via the integrated loudspeaker. These alarm records are documented and analysed as events. If the request is not acted upon, we will alert the police or, security guards to ensure that continuous security is provided.

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