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The Wire Stripper Sensor Special

The Wire Stripper Sensor Special

The Wire Stripper Sensor Special is tightly focussed to the needs of stripping the sheathing of sensor/actuator or control cables. With the new blade design the tool strips PVC / PUR cable sheathings precisely from 4.4 - 7.0 mm Ø (0.17 - 0.27 Ø in) without damages to the individual conductors or shieldings inside. The innovative cable scanning system adjusts the stripping blades automatically to the various cable diameters. So the stripping of the outer sheathing of cables for connecting Sensor / Actuator boxes or bus couplers is being done quickly and safely. The wire strippers have replaceable blades and their through-handle design allows them to strip cables of any length.
Qualified for use on:
• PUR halogen-free cables
• Highly flexible TPE-U-cables
• PUR/PVC-cables
• Multi-stranded control cables
• Shielded and non-shielded sensor or control cables
• fire resistance cables
• communication cables J-Y(ST)Y 

Company profile

JOKARI-Krampe LLC from Ascheberg, Westphalia, is specialist for the production and distribution of high-quality precision wire strippers. Since its foundation 50 years ago, the company has been focusing on quality made in Germany and manufactures all wire strippers in its own factory with an attached plastics injection molding at the Ascheberg headquarter. JOKARI’s task is to meet the demands of its world-wide professional customers from industry and craftsmanship: They are asking to strip all types of wires quickly, precisely, easily, and safely for further handling – under all circumstances. According to this the company’s innovations are geared to the latest developments in technical and industrial branches, for example in automotive and automation technology. Thus JOKARI is able to deliver exactly the wire strippers the customers need for their work. In addition JOKARI offers multimedia-based, multilingual solutions to provide quick assistance to customers all around world having questions on the use of the wire strippers. For further information visit

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