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Product range

Fire-protection doors

Jansen is one of Germany's leading suppliers for fire-protection doors, innovative special constructions and custom-made products. The company distinguishes itself especially by the development and construction of fire protection doors in different sizes, shapes and applications.

Jansen produces sliding doors, sectional doors, lifting doors, roller doors, stacking doors, overhead stacking doors, textile-flexible systems, conveying-system closures with fire-protection requirements T30-T90-T120.

Product range

Burglary protection doors

Burglary protection includes measures for prevention of unauthorised access to locked premises. Jansen is able to manufacture door systems for the protection of building parts in different resistance classes with or without fire protection requirements.

Jansen manufactures burglary protection doors as sectional doors according to resistance class 3 and 5 as well as sliding doors WK3 combined with fire-protection T30 and T90.

Company profile

Jansen Tore has been dealing with the production, installation, maintenance and service of door systems for more than 40 years. However, the focus of the company is the development and production of innovative gate systems for fire protection, explosion protection, sound insulation, burglary protection, heat protection and system protection.

In the area of ​​fire protection, Jansen is one of Germany's leading suppliers of fire protection doors, innovative special solutions and custom-made products. The product range consists of door solutions such as roller doors, stacking doors, sectional doors, lifting doors and sliding doors in the versions RS - T30 - T90 - T120.

Another focus of the company is the production of high-quality industrial door systems in large sizes, in individual design or with sound insulation requirements.

Burglary protection doors is one of the latest gate innovations in the portfolio. Jansen manufactures certified burglary protection sectional doors WK3 and WK5 as well as fire-resistant sliding doors WK3 with combined fire protection T30 or T90.

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