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VisionPass - Face Recognition

VisionPass - Face Recognition

VisionPass is the only facial recognition terminal on the market with 2D, 3D and IR sensor. In November 2021, VisionPass received iBeta Level 2 and is the only facial recognition terminal to pass the iBeta Level 2 spoofing test with 100%. Previously, in March 2021, Idemia was already awarded #1 by NIST Institute for its facial recognition algorithms.

The VisionPass uses a 2D, infrared and 3D camera, making it the only device on the market that combines three sensor technologies. The result is a powerful, spoofing-proof facial recognition terminal that works in any lighting condition.

VisionPass works efficiently even in complete darkness, in strong sunlight or in reflective sunlight. At the same time, it requires no additional light source and can be used outdoors due to its IP65 and IK07 rating.

With an identification time of less than one second, VisionPass offers high throughput. In addition, it tolerates facial angles and automatically adjusts to all user sizes (120 to 210 cm). VisionPass also handles changes in the face caused by, for example, glasses, beard, hat or mouth nose guard without any problems. The VisionPass algorithm works with only 30% visible area of the face and has no restrictions on the ethnicity of the user, because it copes with all skin colors without any problems.


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0fAt4SSAFc

Product range

Augmented Vision

Augmented Vision

Augmented Vision is IDEMIA's server-based platform for facial recognition and analysis. Augmented Vision provides multimodal identification of
Face, silhouettes, gender, age, color of clothing, vehicles, license plates, etc.

Augmented Vision is compatible with any IP camera and can be easily integrated with a video management system or operated standalone.

Three modules are available:
- Augmented Vision Access: access control via IP cameras
- Augmented Vision Protection: Alarm messages when faces are detected
- Augmented Vision Investigation: Forensic analysis of video footage based on faces and soft biometrics

Product range

SIGMA Series - Fingerprint Readers

SIGMA Series - Fingerprint Readers

IDEMIA's SIGMA Series fingerprint readers offer a wide range of fingerprint readers for any situation. All readers are IP-65 and can be used outside and use robust and high performing optical sensors. Sigma readers are equipped with card readers and touchscreen option to allow multifactor authentication and can store up to 300.000 Templates on device.







Company profile

As a manufacturer of credit cards, SIM cards, identity solutions and biometric hardware, software and algorithms for border crossing systems, law enforcement and governments, Idemia is the world leader in augmented identity, ensuring that people in the digital and physical world can use their identity to participate in business activities.

At Security Essen 2022, we will showcase our biometric solutions for access control and time and attendance.

The highlights are:
- MorphoWave, a non-contact 3D fingerprint scanner that scans and verifies four fingerprints in less than a second by waving a hand.
- VisionPass, a (SIA 2020) 2D/3D/IR facial recognition terminal
- Sigma Series, a range of touch fingerprint terminals for access control and time and attendance systems
- Augmented Vision, a software platform for video analysis, alerting and evaluation of live images, recorded video footage and contactless access control with IP cameras based on facial recognition.

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