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Products and innovations

ScanVein Compact

The ScanVein Compact is designed for high-security biometric access control, with many fields of application, like data centres, office buildings, development labs, power plants and airports, based on Fujitsu PalmSecure technology. With the unique biometric “palm vein” feature, this system offers the user not only maximum security but also the highest level of convenience. The ScanVein Compact can be easily and optimally integrated with the existing security infrastructure through all common hardware interfaces, and ensures maximum system availability thanks to the in-built software and hardware backup systems.

It is available in a version without hand support as well as with hand support for the user interface. Contactless use of the ScanVein Compact is possible, in a way which ensures hygiene and convenience in use.

The integrated optic signalling takes place thanks to controllable LEDs. Because of its slim design and optional installation options (flush-mounted or surface-mounted), it is possible to use it in multiple ways, in industrial and private environments.

A installation flush with the façade is also feasible, in order to incorporate it into visually sophisticated buildings.

Product range

ScanVein Design

ScanVein Design

Designed for high-security, biometric access control in data centers, office buildings, development laboratories, power plants or airports, the ScanVein Design palm vein scanner is based on state-of-the-art, ultra-secure Fujitsu Palm-Secure technology.

Not only iCOGNIZE palm vein scanners are extremely secure, they also provide unsurpassed usability which one searches in vain for other biometric access control systems.

The security level of our ScanVein Design is freely selectable; From simple RFID readers to 2-factor authentication with RFID icognize scanvein design and palm vein, our scanner offers the ability to flexibly respond to our customers’ security needs without having to install different devices. Our palm vein scanner has all common hardware interfaces and is thus well prepared for easy integration into existing security infrastructures.

Product range

ManuScan Outdoor

ManuScan Outdoor

Palm veins are individualized biometric features, the detection of which not only guarantees the user maximum safety, but also maximum user comfort. The ManuScan Outdoor palm vein scanner was developed for high security biometrical access systems designed for computing centers, office buildings, research labs, power plants or airports and is based on Fujitsu PalmSecure technology.

Our palm vein scanner is especially designed for use in harsh environments. The V4A steel housing guarantees long-term durability even in the event of large differences in temperature or the effects of salt water in maritime areas.

Company profile

ICOGNIZE GmbH offers innovative biometric solutions in the field of physical and logical access control. Our focus is on palm vein recognition devices, which we produce under the brand name ManuScan. Our palm vein recognition devices are based on Fujitsu PalmSecure technology (BSI certified), are all-weather compatible and equipped with a unique light-based hand positioning system. Our palm vein recognition devices ensure the highest level of security and unsurpassed user-friendliness in the entire spectrum of biometric access control!