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Indian Railways deploys Herta facial recognition to secure train stations

Indian Railways deploys Herta facial recognition to secure train stations

Indian Railways has launched a program to enhance the safety of its train stations in the Eastern region by utilizing Herta Security’s facial recognition technology. Startologic has been chosen as the official implementation partner for this technology, which the partners say addresses the security needs of one of the largest railway networks in the world.

As per the announcement, after the successful deployment of the facial recognition technology in the Eastern region, Herta has secured contracts for two more regions. The system utilizes advanced algorithms to identify individuals, thereby enhancing the security measures at train stations, the company states.

“We are delighted to announce the successful integration of Herta’s facial recognition solutions at Indian Railways,” says Rahat Jain, MD of security contractor Idis India, which is also involved in the project.

The implementation of Herta’s facial recognition technology will enhance safety for passengers and railway staff and help minimize security risks. Furthermore, by automating the identification process, the system will improve efficiency and decrease the reliance on manual checks, according to the announcement.

This technology will be deployed by installing high-resolution cameras and integrating them with the current security infrastructure at 230 train stations.

The proactive approach of efficient and continuous monitoring of train station premises enables security management that facilitates prompt responses to incidents and ensures swift resolution of security issues.

Indian Railways made its intention to widely deploy facial recognition clear with the announcement in February that it will furnish thousands of rail coaches with cameras.

Herta Security has recently initiated the FUTURE project, which aims to develop a platform that integrates video surveillance at the network edge, crowd behavior analysis, and facial recognition of individuals suspected of criminal and terrorist activities.

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