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Company profile

Feerica, an innovative flexible engineering concept that breaths security into every product that we develop.

The main stars of our product line are SmartStain, Meta and Perla.

Our product profile also include a vast range of security solutions such as safety doors, smart access control, peripheral protection mechanisms, safety boxes and secure package drop vault. 

SmartStain is our ATM protection line of staining solutions. Its proven record based on innovative features places our IBNS technology on a new level of protection against all types of physical attacks, including gas and solid explosives attacks.

Meta, our end to end CIT protection solution provides a wide range of efficient and safe methods for transporting cash.

Perla is our on line with real time tracking cash security solution with the merchants in mind, It fills a need to provide security within the merchants environment that provides a cash identifying safe complemented a wide range of security features that interface directly with our SmartStain and Meta products.