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Company profile

Feerica is a company dedicated to the design, manufacturing and distribution of SMARTSTAIN, an innovative and unique approach that combines complete protection against physical and logical attacks to ATM’s.

The system is field and lab proven against all known methods of aggressions, including explosion, cutting with torch or saw, thermal attacks, drilling and methods of door extraction involving brute force.

Smartstain patented logical protection technology protects against malware, black box or any other method of ATM jackpotting.

While any kind of physical attack will result in irreversible dyeing of all the stored banknotes making them useless, unauthorized attempt to withdraw cash through malware, black box or other logical equipment results in irreversible immediate system shutdown, stopping the attack and preventing further protection countermeasures.

SMARTSTAIN is the result of several years of research and development, an effort recognized by international standards and certifications. The growing number of Customers and installed systems is a clear indication of the effective protection offered by this successful solution and its dissuasive nature proves to be a good investment in the security of the premises where the ATM is installed as well as in avoiding collateral damages

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