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MyShield: smoke-generating intruder prevention system

MyShield: smoke-generating intruder prevention system

The world’s first standalone security fog generating solution for intruder prevention and detection. MyShield actively protects your home and business with a powerful combination of motion detection, video, voice and fog diffusion.

Security systems must evolve to address both current and future risks. While implementation challenges remain, the industry needs to establish and define real solutions that can be employed to protect residences and small businesses.

New capabilities are needed to protect not just people and property at home, but also in their places of business and in public spaces. Methods exist to detect and deter intruders such as sirens and cameras, however, as new threats continue to emerge, modern society requires fresh intervention technologies.

To introduce a more resilient and accessible solution that is available to a wider market, Essence Security, part of Essence Group, has developed the MyShield smoke-generating intruder prevention system, designed to close the critical time gap between an intrusion and the arrival of emergency response.

Being battery powered and LTE Cat-M-enabled ensures that cellular connectivity is maintained, even in the event of power outage. Easy to install and user friendly, the solution can function as either a standalone device or integrate with an existing security system.

It can be self-monitored by the property owner via a mobile app or connected to a professional monitoring service. With this award-winning all-in-one security solution, a home or business owner can enjoy the peace of mind of near-zero response security intervention.

Company profile

Established over a quarter of century, Essence Security has become a recognized global technology
leader, providing high quality and innovative wireless security solutions and services to some of the world’s
largest security service providers.
Since its inception, Essence Security has built an impressive install base of alarm panels, detection and
sensing solutions, video verification devices and safety monitoring peripherals.