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DE 85630 Grasbrunn

Company profile

As an independent, owner-managed company, we have set our focus in the area of ​​active and passive eavesdropping protection, electromagnetic and architectural room shielding and the need to accessories.

The EMshield GmbH offers turnkey solutions with air conditioning, electrical systems, access control and ionterior. The expertise and experience of our employees is our capital, which we use for the tasks required of us. Continuous training, a knowledge that always corresponds to the latest technology, and a global information network secure this high demand. Worldwide we have built to date, over 300 eavesdropping protected rooms.

The architectural shielding system Arctec of EMshield has undergone many years of development and is still the same values ​​remained true - as a reference for highest security and functionality.

EMshield will remain its customers in the future faithful and perfect the product portfolio continuously. At the same time wants EMshield use based on the rich experience of the past, this know-how to other market segments, in this case the focus is placed on IT security and established a new product line in the conference room safety.