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The radio measuring device CM0630

The radio measuring device CM0630

The radio measuring device CM0630 is used by the installer for pre-analysis of the object to be projected and as a useful tool for error analysis of already existing installations. In addition, with the help of this device is a one-man installation of the radio system possible. Beside to estimating radio interference, it can be checked whether the planned radio user is within the communication range to the radio gateway CM0220. Furthermore, radio participants can be taught-in or deleted from the radio gateway with the CM0630 device.

The radio measuring device CM0630 can be used for one-man planning, installation and troubleshooting. It has a radio range measurement in per cent with a minimum signal strength display. The radio detector can be taught-in or deleted and has a message control which can display information’s of the radio participants. Furthermore, the radio detector can learn new detectors by the help of an update function. The multi-language capability ensures a flexible use.

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