Christian-Wehner-Strasse 18
DE 09113 Chemnitz

Company profile

Dear Sirs,

BS Banktechnik GmbH Chemnitz is specialized in production, sales and service of high-quality components and system solutions of modern money processing technology.

Since our founding in 1991, we have been active both nationally and internationally and have achieved good reputation for banks, savings banks, CIT companies, retail stores, public transport companies, vending machine operators and casinos.

We are focused on a high level of customer orientation, individual consultation and intensive support. Our goal is to deliver the best possible technology for the customer's requirements and to provide a high quality service support. For our experienced sales and service team, seriousness and reliability are as self-evident as professionalism, flexibility and quick response to customer requests.

We are able to offer a full range of high-performance and high-precision machines for professional banknote and coin processing and authorized service. Our machines can be used as individual devices in a wide variety of applications or can be integrated into systems. Our banknote counting machines are equipped with state-of-the-art counterfeit detection and are regularly tested by the European Central Bank (ECB). These machines can optionally be equipped with a FITNESS function allowing for the recycling of banknotes in accordance with Decision ECB / 2010/14 of the European Central Bank.

In addition we can offer precise and extremely trouble-free coin / banknote deposit terminals and professional vacuum packaging machines.

Our portfolio includes:

- Coin counting machines, coin settlement machines and coin sorting machines

- Banknote counting machines and banknote sorting machines - optionally with FITNESS function

- Coin roll packaging machines (with Bundesbank-compliant technology)

- Fully-automated packaging machines for lose coins

- Coin roll unpacking machines

- Banding machines for money packaging

- Cash handling systems

- Coin / note deposit machines

- Counterfeit money detectors

- Embossing, punching and deburring machines

- Accessories and consumables

Since beginning of 2006 we are manufacturer of high quality banding machines in the independent company "BAMATEC GmbH Sömmerda". In addition to machines for money processing, various models are available for other applications.

For our complete product portfolio we offer a comprehensive and authorized service.

We would be pleased to convince you of our efficiency.

Yours Sincerely,

Burkhard Striter

Managing Director