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Interview with Margarete Landertshammer, Vienna

The new DISPONIC module: automatic price increase

Read the interview with Magarete Landertshammer, Managing Partner of HEL-Wacht Holding GmbH, Vienna. The interview was conducted by Johannes Mehlhorn.

"Ms. Landertshammer, first of all, thank you very much for your willingness to answer a few questions related to the new DISPONIC module "automatic price increase".

You have been working with our duty roster in your company since mid-2018 and you support us again and again with your user feedback, which is very important for software like DISPONIC.”

"I am happy if I can support Bite AG in the further development of DISPONIC with my experience. I also have my own ideas as to how processes in our company can best be technically improved. Price increase – an important tool of business planning. But very time-consuming if all prices have to be adjusted manually on a specific date.
That’s where our employees sit for a day or longer.”

... "It's good that there's a new automatic price increase module," says Johannes Mehlhorn and laughs. "Have your ideas in terms of handling and time savings been implemented?"

Laughs too. "Exactly. And, yes, my ideas are shown 100%. I am extremely satisfied. On the one hand, it motivates the employees because they get more interesting tasks and don't have to make stupid price adjustments.

Understandably, concentration is lost and mistakes creep in. This is avoided with the automatic price increase. This also eliminates the time needed for follow-up checks. And, of course, an automated process is faster. The invoices reach our customers very promptly and we get our money reliably.”

"Are your employees doing well? What feedback did you get?”

“The software is very intuitive to use, and that also applies to this module. The handling is easy and fun, because the daily work is done reliably and quickly.
Anyone who wants to save time and appreciates professional work would recommend the new module, it brings real added value.”

"Thank you very much for this interview, Ms. Landertshammer. We really appreciate working with you.”


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