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VISIT lets you efficiently manage the visitor and logistics processes on your company premises or event venue. Smooth workflows from appointment coordination through registration to seeing off – real-time management of external persons. Keep track of guests and contractor employees on your premises at any time and reduce the holding and waiting time of trucks and suppliers to a minimum with VISIT delivery management and ramp scheduling. Your visitor and delivery flows at a glance – with just one integrated dashboard. VISIT has a modular structure and can be scaled whenever necessary. Thanks to the digital fluid concept, the system fits into your infrastructure perfectly and grows with the requirements of your enterprise.


VISIT is the product of success by ASTRUM IT.

What motivates us as a company, what defines us, what we share with you is digital vitality. Our broad spectrum allows us to always stay ahead of the curve by a (developer’s) nose, to think laterally, to be flexible. Consequently, we are digital experts in a variety of IT consulting and software engineering fields as well as your contact for all things IT operation and hosting. This plethora of competences allows us a 360-degree view of our customers’ needs and value creation processes, and it also offers something very pivotal: the perfect, agile team of experts in each project phase. Our products result from decades of ongoing on-site development at our customers’ and partners’. Born from engineering, further developed into cutting-edge solutions, topped off with brilliant service. Simply clever – from an overall concept through sector- and enterprise-specific requirements to the tiniest detail.