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Unika - touchscreen keypad

Unika - touchscreen keypad

Unika is a touchscreen keypad with 5-inches screen and ABS thin cover. It is equipped with an intuitive graphical interface user friendly. With just few steps you can manage all the functions of the keypad. Large screen and cool design make the Unika keypad a UNIQUE product up to date.

- Display 5 inches TFT high resolution (480 x 272)

- User friendly icons interface

- SD card reader for image loading, FW upgrading

- NFC reader for smartphone recognizing

- Microphone and speaker

- Temperature sensor

- Vocal memo

- Photo frame screensaver

- Thin cover

- Wall installation

Dimensions: W 155, H 100, D 18 mm

Product range

LARIO - smart control panel

LARIO - smart control panel

Lario is a new smart control panel by AMC with Wi-Fi on board; easily and quickly programmable entirely via App by QR code. 

Lario is compatible with total wireless security system 800 Series (detectors, contacts, sirens, etc.).

- Fast setting installer App

- Free user App

- Backup battery included

- Wi-Fi connection

- 4G connection (optional)

- Free update system by Cloud

- Long range radio transmission

Product range

Proline detectors

Proline detectors

The new ProLine detectors represent the best choice for residential and industrial installations in the security sector. ProLine detectors uses only digital PIRs, thus avoiding the conversion that generally must be done in traditional detectors, where the analog PIR is amplified and converted to digital. Thanks to the TOTALLY digital technology, the detector is much more accurate in detecting intrusions and not suffering of alterations such as: white light, ultraviolet light, temperature, air movement due to heating/cooling systems and it is totally immune to radiated and conducted electromagnetic disturbances. ProLine detectors are equipped with lenses designed by AMC and made by Fresnel Technologies, Inc.

LODIFF® technology for optics realization in combination with POLY IR® materials make it a product with highest quality and efficiency. All ProLine detectors are pet immune with range of 15 mt, with 100 degrees angle.

Company profile

AMC Elettronica since 1974 your security choice. AMC has a well established international distribution network, featuring excellent products, “made in Italy” and especially paying attention to detail when designing the products. AMC is a wholly Italian owned company. All products are designed in-house, thanks to a laboratory for research and development that makes use of an excellent team of young and highly motivated engineers. The production cycle is managed in the company in the province of Como. Our main activity is the production and the commercialisation of alarm components; control panels, wireless devices, detectors, sirens.

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