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Highly Directional Tunnel Loudspeakers ABT-TNL100

Highly Directional Tunnel Loudspeakers ABT-TNL100

Effective evacuation in the tunnel

  • Compliance with EN 54-24
  • Specially designed for tunnel applications
  • Highly directional asymmetric horn
  • Excellent speech intelligibility
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Waterproof housing IP66
  • High power output 100 / 50 W

In case of an emergency, the Voice Evacuation System needs to guide people in the tunnel to safety so the audio transmission should be as clear as possible. In general, due to high levels of reverberation and noise, a tunnel is not an ideal environment for Voice Evacuation System and therefore speech intelligibility becomes a critical parameter for any voice alarm application. To establish a sufficient level of speech intelligibility, a highly directional speakers system is required. By reducing the energy emitted to other surfaces, reflective sound energy can be minimized which results in a better direct to reverberant ratio. This will improve the maximum feasible speech intelligibility. To minimize disturbing echo effects, resulting in a loss of speech intelligibility, each horn speaker is driven by an individual signal channel in a 100 V installation, which is equipped with audio DSP including EQ and delay. Our product S4T (Safety For Tunnel) offers the most effective solution which seamlessly combines a dedicated Voice Evacuation System with tailored Tunnel Loudspeakers.

Product range

MULTIVES Intelligent Voice Evacuation Investment

MULTIVES Intelligent Voice Evacuation Investment


The MULTIVES system has been designed to offer exceptional versatility and it is therefore equally suitable for medium-range buildings as well as complex commercial structures such as train stations, airports, refineries, sport stadiums, shopping malls etc. The system’s architecture is based on proven fibre-optic Ethernet connectivity between control units and other elements of the system thus enabling digital transmission of voice messages, including public address functions and music.


Its modular structure allows tailoring the design to meet clients’ specific requirements with regard to design and development.


The main role of MULTIVES is to effectively warn the public of eminent danger thus allowing efficient evacuation. As the system works seamlessly with the Fire Alarm systems; its warning and informative functions can be either triggered automatically via the fire alarm system or manually using fireman microphones. The audible alarm system is designed to cover all areas of a building to reach its occupants in the event of an emergency.


The system fully complies with a European mandatory standard EN-54-16 (Fire detection and fire alarm systems; Components for fire alarm voice alarm systems; Voice alarm control and indicating equipment), which is also recognised in numerous countries outside of the European Union (e.g. Latin America, several of African and Asian countries).


The MULTIVES system comprises control devices, multi-channel amplifiers, fireman and zone microphones and 20-key extension keyboards. The system enables digital scaling of communications between all elements of the system and other integrated safety systems.


Main Parameters of the MULTIVES System:

  • Compliance with EN 54-16, EN 60849
  • 28 global audio channels
  • Up to 254 units in the network
  • Up to 32GB SD flash memory card designated for playback and recording messages (48 kHz, 16 bit)
  • Number of simultaneously played messages dependent on the number of xCtrLn-4 and xCtrLn-2 cards in the system
  • Intercom function between all microphones
  • External audio inputs in all control units and zone microphones
  • Up to 12 secured amplifiers fully supported
  • Cost-efficient solution allows for up to 4 messages to be played simultaneously thanks to 4 common 100V audio buses in each control unit
  • DSP with implemented 3-band parametric EQ on all inputs on control units, 8-band parametric EQ, delay lines, audio limiter and feedback eliminator on each of the audio outputs
  • Complex control inputs/outputs, RS485 interface for integration with Fire Alarm systems and Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Wide choice of bridgeable Class D amplifiers (8x80W, 8x160W and 2x650W)

Company profile

Ambient System - we make everyday life safer

Ambient System is leading Polish provider of modern VES/PA systems to clients worldwide.

Our projects range from complex installations such as refineries, airports, stadiums, tunnels and shopping centres to medium structures like hospitals, train stations and office buildings.


Ambient System - what makes us special

  •  proven and reliable technology - we have been delivering VES/PA systems for over 10 years;
  • technical expertise and specialist engineering skills;
  • innovative solutions tailored to client needs;
  • full ownership of our product cycle - design, solution development, quality testing and implementation support - all i ONE place;
  • scalable, cost - effective solutions compliant with Fire Safety industry standard EN-54;
  • active participation in national „Think Tank” discussions on industry standards and regulations.


Ambient System - what we offer

  • versatile Public Address / Voice Evacuation solutions for small, medium big applications;
  • energy - efficient Power Supply equipment;
  • multi - channel Amplifiers Class D;
  • a wide range of Fire Alarm Loudspeakers;
  • complex Tunnel solutions.


All our products comply with EN 54-16, EN 54-4, EN 54-24.

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