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Company profile

As one of our core business areas, the Alarmempfangsstelle GmbH operates an alarm receiving center and an emergency & service control center in accordance with DIN EN 50518. In addition, We are certified in line with the VdS 3138 guideline and offer a VdS-approved alarmprovider. Being the first German-based alarm receiving center & security services provider fulfilling all guidelines provided by VdS, our company meets the highest possible safety standards which are necessary for reliable security services.

For advanced cyber security of technical systems, we provide our customers with an exclusive VdS security network. Access to the network with static and private IP address is established via mobile phone packages or DSL. The Internet protocol is used, but for security reasons there is no access to the Internet. This enables to set up shielded IP connections that protect technical systems from cyber attacks.In our alarm receiving center, our specially trained staff monitors thousands of incoming signals from alarm systems. In the event of an alarm our staff initiates pre-planned and customized intervention measures.In order to ensure reliable, high-quality services, we deploy modern technology and regularly train our qualified staff.

Alarmempfangsstelle GmbH is mainly active in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the German-speaking part of Europe we cooperate with qualified partners.

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