Security Trends at Security Essen 2018

At the leading fair for security and fire prevention from September 25 to 28, 2018, the exhibitors at Security Essen 2018 will again provide a comprehensive overview of the current status and future developments with regard to security technology and services. In this respect, the advances in IT and communication technologies constitute the most significant driving forces behind the current developments in security. Important trends and perspectives are:

Artificial intelligence in security technology: With the constantly growing data volume from cameras and other sources, the quality and efficiency of security measures can be improved substantially, e.g. using more reliable danger reports or also better hazard forecasts. Human surveillance personnel would be overstrained, particularly if this flood of information (as is indispensable in the case of security tasks) is to be processed and evaluated quickly and nevertheless reliably. So that the surveillance systems can sort the incoming data according to relevance, assess it and instigate the appropriate follow-up processes, suppliers from nearly all segments in the security sector are placing their faith in efficient "deep learning". For example, these are HID Global (Hall 3, Booth 3C14) for access control, cubos Internet (Hall 7, Booth 7G79.10) for alarming as well as Aimetis (Hall 5, Booth 5C09), BriefCa (Hall 5, Booth 5F10), digivod (Hall 5, Booth 5C07), ESI - European Systems Integration (Hall 5, Booth 5A25), Hikvision Europe (Hall 5, Booth 5C38) and Tech Data (Hall 5, Booth 5A06) for video surveillance.
More cooperation and integration: The benefits of smart cities, smart buildings, smart homes or "Industry 4.0" originate, above all, from secure processes taking place without any disturbances. In this respect, nothing works without the integration not only of various security technologies but also of the incorporated security services. At the same time, the security measures for people and valuables are also profiting from the networking of a large number of sensors and from the mass of the information arising in the network in this case. The exhibitors providing information about this at the fair will include, amongst others, BHE Federal Association for Security Technology (Hall 6, Booth 6G89), Amaryllo International (Hall 2, Booth 2D30), Combivox (Hall 6, Booth 6B76), iseeBell (Hall 2, Booth 2D66) and LUPUS-ELECTRONICS (Hall 6, Booth 6D59).
Secure communication with the user: Electronic surveillance without any Internet or mobile phone connections is no longer up-to-date in 2018 - apart from just a few special high-security technologies. The users expect to be able to monitor, administer or even operate their security systems at any time, from anywhere and with different terminals, particularly using a smartphone. The particular challenge in this respect is to ensure that apps or chosen transmission solutions do not result in any dangerous security gaps. Experts therefore see in cyber security a decisive basic prerequisite for the use of current security solutions. The subject of cyber security for security products will be addressed, amongst others, by VdS Schadenverhütung (Hall 6, Booth 6D100), UL International Germany (Hall 6, Booth 6A10) and CN Group CZ (Hall 1, Booth 1B08).
The smartphone as a medium for identification: During authorisation checks (e.g. while seeking admission at the door or gaining access to machines or data), the smartphone plays an important role as an app basis in any case. However, it is increasingly being used as a medium for identification too because the current transmission solution called " Bluetooth Low Energy" goes easy on rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries during the communication between the smartphone and the reading terminal. The utilisation of smartphones as keys will be shown, for example, by 2N Telekomunikace (Hall 5, Booth 5H20), DOM Sicherheitstechnik (Hall 3, Booth 3C132), EVVA (Hall 3, Booth 3F69), FSB Franz Schneider Brakel (Hall 3, Booth 3G139), LOQIT (Hall 1, Booth 1E74) and Süd-Metall Beschläge (Hall 3, Booth 3F20).

Cloud solutions still gaining ground: Efficiency and flexibility in identity and access management are ensured, in particular, by cloud solutions which are either managed by the users themselves or are offered by external service providers (Access Control as a Service - ACaaS). Genetec (Hall 5, Booth 5G30 and Hall 7, Booth 7B33), SALTO Systems (Hall 3, Booth 3D120) and Vanderbilt International (Hall 6, Booth 6D90) may be named here as examples. Due to the large quantity of available data and to the computing capacity, cloud solutions also make it easier to discover any anomalies or concrete fraud attempts during admission, entry or access. However, the prerequisite for their use is a high degree of data security.

No matter how much security, think of data protection too: Data security plays an important role also in the case of video surveillance. Camera images must be not only meaningful for the most diverse image analyses using machines but also authentic, i.e. verifiably genuine and trustworthy. Here, additional challenges are that video surveillance solutions also use Web technologies as a rule due to deliberations about economic viability as well as comfort and performance aspects and that the video data is processed in the cloud or at service partners. Another aspect relates to the data protection requirements, e.g. according to the new General Data Protection Regulation. Both have effects on the designs of the security solutions - Video Surveillance area: Infotecs (Hall 8, Booth 8D50) and MOBOTIX (Hall 7, Booth 7B33) and Access Control area: PCS Systemtechnik (Hall 3, Booth 3F59).