Press conference Security Essen

Product Preview

Balzwerk UG shows its security furniture 2.0. Here attractive design furniture comes together with safes as hard as steel and bedside cabinets or a dresser to provide secure storage for jewelry, watches or other items that need protecting.

When used on a mobile phone, Plegium's smart pepper spray will automatically send an emergency call to notify a registered contact. Additional security is provided by an integrated siren and an LED stroboscopic light.

Salto Systems will demonstrate how your mobile phone becomes the key. The new mobile access solution makes it possible to assign individual access rights.

The 3D AIR by TBS Touchless Biometrics Systems is an innovative fingerprint scanner that delivers an accurate 3D scan. The solution ensures extremely high accuracy and the highest level of security.

The mailroom screening "Mailsecur" is a real innovation in detecting hazardous materials in mail. Unlike conventional X-ray machines, the compact table-top device detects not only objects but also liquids, powders and surface-treated paper. The product can be seen on the joint stand of the Unival Group and Wisag.