Interesting products at Security Essen 2022

Numerous new developments in all security sectors

From September 20 to 23, visitors will finally have another opportunity to discover the latest developments and products for companies, authorities and private households at Security Essen. Here are a few examples:

Access control and perimeter protection:

·         WILKA (Hall 6, Booth 6B19) has, among other things, a new lock series - multipoint locks with escape door function. The new electronic fitting from WILKA enables convenient access to areas that require higher security. Thanks to its flexible integration into the various WILKA software platforms, the electronic fitting offers a high level of protection for offices and hotel rooms as well as for exterior doors in the private and commercial sectors.

·         At its two trade fair stands (Hall 6, Stands E38 and E40), Haverkamp will be exhibiting, among other things, the latest generation of security foils, including one tested by TÜV with resistance class P4A in accordance with DIN EN 356 A. The foils are available in two different versions. This is one of the world's most resistant films for protecting buildings and vehicles and their occupants. Every day there will be action-packed demonstrations in the outdoor area 2. Furthermore, Haverkamp presents the world's first high-performance alarm fence, which consists entirely of aluminum and special sensor technology at the same time.

·         The new high-speed spiral door from EFAFLEX (Hall 6, Stand 6D12) provides maximum security without having to sacrifice the speed of an efficient high-speed door. At the same time, the door fits seamlessly into any building structure and convinces with highest opening and closing speeds.

·         Faac's anti-terror bollards (Hall 6, Booth 6F2) are designed to meet the ever-increasing need for security in civilian applications as well. The certified high-security bollards are capable of bringing to a halt a truck weighing 7.5 tons that bumps into them at speeds of 50 or 80 km/h.

·         Drones also increasingly pose a threat to corporate security. Dedrone (Hall 6, Booth 6F27) offers several state-of-the-art systems for drone detection, classification and defense. Especially in combination, sensors, radars and cameras are able to reliably detect drones.  Countermeasures, too, are then possible - where legally permissible.

People screening:

·         Secure baggage and clothing screening is an absolute necessity in many high-security locations such as airports. CEIA's m Scanner (Hall 6, Booth 6C20) is the first wireless screening portal consisting of two independent and energy-autonomous columns, each equipped with a carrier base and an electronic analysis system. The system is also suitable for mobile battery-powered use.

·         Cambaum (Hall 6, Booth 6E25) will show the further development of its sensor lock, which is equipped with a completely newly developed sensor system with up to 256 individually evaluated sensors. Optional 3D person detection, supported by Cambaum's proprietary "deeplearning" AI-based evaluation system, offers a new level of security and precision.

Access Control:

·         Evva (Hall 6 Booth 6A25) has an update ready for its electronic access system that, among other things, allows maintenance by radio. Maintenance tasks no longer require a cable connection between the component and the tablet. Maintenance tasks are now exchanged between the tablet and the component via an encrypted wireless connection.

·         GfS (Hall 6, Booth 6E17) will show a new display and terminal for access. Common to both smart solutions is the integrated touch display. This enables effective communication with the user. Alarm conditions and measures derived from them can be visualized. Thanks to a clear, self-explanatory menu structure, the devices can be parameterized at any time without the need for extensive training of authorized personnel.

·         - With the new hand vein scanner from iCOGNIZE (Hall 6, Stand 6C17), contactless identification is also possible without placing the hand on the scanner. The scanner is optimally prepared for easy integration into existing security infrastructures thanks to all common hardware interfaces and ensures maximum system availability thanks to the integrated software and hardware backup systems.

·         TBS (Hall 6, Booth 6C26) also has various contactless biometric access control systems on offer. A contactless fingerprint scanner provides unmatched accuracy and the highest level of security thanks to intuitive interaction with the user. The terminal offers hybrid face and iris recognition and a precise heat sensor for maximum security.

·         A new access control system will be presented by Telenot (Hall 7, Booth 7E12). The new system meets all the requirements of a modern and scalable access control solution. It offers online access control points, offline and online wireless solutions using mechatronic locking elements as well as smartphone access in one system architecture.

·         Idemia's 3D contactless finger scanner (Hall 5, Booth 5D18) is capable of scanning and verifying four fingerprints in less than one second through a quick, simple and completely non-contact hand movement. The scanner is highly accurate, fast, easy to use, hygienic and can be used indoors and outdoors without restrictions.


·         Eagle Eye (Hall 5, Booth 5C22) will show what a holistic cloud video management system with AI support can look like. The system supports mobile apps for system installation, remote video viewing and system management with alerts for motion detection, system tampering and camera malfunction. Powerful AI helps optimize and manage searches, alerts and processes.

·         Toshiba will showcase its wide range of surveillance hard drives and preview future hard drive technologies and their potential for large-scale surveillance (online) backend storage. Toshiba will also give a live demonstration of the recording and analysis bandwidth of a multi-HDD solution from 12 to 60 HDDs in one system. The HDD portfolio includes series designed specifically for surveillance data storage.

·         A radar system for perimeter protection from Ogier Electronics (Hall 5, Booth 5A14) uses a unique dual-detection technology developed in-house to automatically align a CCTV camera with the exact location of the intrusion. This "slew to cue" function of the camera gives the radar a major advantage over conventional PIDS sensors.

Alerting and parameterization:

·         COREVAS (Hall 5, Booth 5C29.19) has developed an innovative solution to support rescue teams in their on-site operations. The technology is based on access to numerous functions and information of commercially available smartphones during an existing telephone call and this completely without pre-installations on the part of the callers, intuitively and quickly, anytime and anywhere. This enables experts in control centers and elsewhere, for example, to see what is happening on the ground and better assess situations.

·         Safe2Home (Hall 5, Booth 5C29.13) has an innovative "watchdog" at the show. The camera system, which is reminiscent of a dog, always vigilantly observes its surroundings and follows its master or mistress with its eyes. An integrated WiFi/WLAN module conveniently allows control via app.

·         A modern voice alarm system with digital signal processing (DSP) for optimal sound is offered by Novar GmbH a Honeywell Company (Hall 7, Booth 7C12). The system is complemented with a portfolio of voice alarm speakers, special pro-sound speakers, intercom systems (indoor / outdoor / Ex-proof), third-party integration and seamless integration with fire alarm control panels.

Safeguarding and protection:

·         Innovative body protection is provided by Hart Armour (Hall 5, Booth 5C29.15). The wearable system is integrated into the ballistic protection plates, eliminating the need for a plate carrier or textile sheath/vest. The system provides protection against rifle and pistol ammunition, is compact and can be donned in seconds.

·         Secure vehicle inspection is the focus at SecuScan (Hall 6, Booth 6C3). With its highly efficient scanning technology, the vehicle underbody inspection system supports the detection of security-endangering objects such as explosives or drugs on the underbody of vehicles within seconds and without complications.

·         Friedrich Hippe (Hall 6, Booth 6A17) has developed a foldable shelter that can be collapsed to save space. The system can be set up within 1.5 minutes. It provides safe protection against blast and fragmentation effects. An extension also ensures protection against nuclear, chemical or biological contamination.

·         Plegium (Hall 8, Booth 8C26) will show a smart pepper spray that, when used, triggers an alarm to stored emergency contacts while transmitting GPS location data.

Cybersecurity and IT:

·         To ensure that the building control system itself is also secured against unauthorized access, TIL Technologies (Hall 6, Stand 6E26) has developed its ANSSI-certified access control solution. The system consists on the one hand of software and on the other hand of electronic components, so-called IP automats, to which various terminal devices are connected (access control readers, intrusion detectors, access barriers).

·         XAFER (Hall 7, Booth 7E16) is taking an innovative approach with blockchain technology. Fog guns for burglar defense can be controlled via smartphone and are secured using blockchain cryptography. Xafer is the first company in the anti-theft fog cannon field to integrate LTE/4G mobile connectivity into electronic control. Thanks to a virtual SIM card already integrated in each device, mobile connectivity enables highly secure data transmission in any country in the world.

·         A solution for comprehensive cyber protection in ACRE's portfolio (Hall 7, Booth 7C24) is a software platform that provides a top-down view of the physical security network and data protection landscape without IT resources. The application monitors and manages all system components for cybersecurity and system health and can be deployed via the cloud or on-premise.

·         A secure mobile storage solution for cell phones has been developed by Hensec (Hall 8, Booth 8E12). Using a specially developed process, the phone's microphones are actively prevented from recording or relaying acoustic signals and conversations. Silence reigns for the user. The phone always remains accessible and audible, but no longer "hears or sees" anything itself.

Key management and storage:

·         Protecting valuable work equipment such as tablets or laptops and smartphones from loss - CaptureTech (Hall 6, Booth 6F18) offers an intelligent solution for this. The system consists of modules comprising six cabinets (in English: "lockers") that can be opened electronically and in which valuable items can be stored. The highlight: the devices can also be charged in these lockers.

·         The new version of the key management software from BKS (Hall 6, Stand 6C39) offers a fast, intuitive, contemporary user interface with improved functions. The user interface provides a complete overview of all electronic and mechanical access media such as cylinders, keys and transponders.

·         Modern key management is offered by Morse Watchmans (Hall 5, Booth 5E14). The Electronic Key Cabinet is a scalable key control solution for organizations looking to secure, manage and track keys and other assets. With a 7-inch touchscreen and patented key ID system, it's easy to remove a key and return it securely to any key cabinet in the enterprise.

·         From the outside an inconspicuous piece of furniture - from the inside a highly secure safe: The manufactory Balzwerk UG (Hall 5, Stand 5c29.11) shows its security furniture 2.0. Here, appealing design furniture meets steel-hard safes and nightstand or chest of drawers to the safe storage place for jewelry, watches or other objects worth protecting.

·         Making safes smart - that's possible with Metalsafe's innovative solution (Hall 6, Booth 6B28). The system turns safes into smart safes of the present - with all the modern benefits of today's possibilities. Retrofittable for new and existing safes. Safes and their access rights can also be conveniently controlled remotely via app.

Fire protection:

·         Detectortesters (Hall 7, Booth 7D30) has developed an innovative solution for testing smoke detectors. The device generates smoke using smoke cartridges for faster, easier and cleaner testing.

·         At 7systems (Hall 5, Booth 5C29.21), there is now the possibility to maintain fire alarm systems remotely. The application can be used to optimize all maintenance processes for fire alarm systems and other hazard detection systems, from automated test plan generation to digital maintenance documentation in accordance with DIN14675.