Interesting Products at Security Essen 2018:

As the leading fair for security and fire prevention, Security Essen is the ideal forum for the introduction of new products. A lot of what the highly innovative sector will introduce in Essen from September 25 to 28 will already be utilised in companies and private households soon. Here are a few examples.

No matter how useful and comfortable surveillance technologies or electronic authorisation checks are, a functioning physical barrier is, in many situations, the basis for averting dangers to people or to things worth protecting. And in this classic field of security too, there are interesting new developments time and time again:

• For example, Hoppe (Hall 3, Booth 3C20) has developed a new window handle which offers extensive protection from attacks from the outside. Intruders are no longer successful by piercing the glass, drilling the frame or forcibly moving the mounting. And important for forgetful residents: The protection should work even if the windows are tilted.

• UrbanAlps (Hall 3, Booth 3D09) has a solution to another offence variant of intruders, gaining entry using key copies manufactured without permission. In the new key design called "Stealth Key", the security codes are hidden under narrow strips in such a way that these can be neither photographed nor scanned. The manufacturer assumes that this excludes any unauthorised 3D-printed duplicates.

• Intruder protection can be improved on doors too. Precisely in the case of commercial businesses, sectional doors are often a weak spot because they can mostly be overcome with simple tools. In Essen, Jansen (Hall 6, Booth 6E74) will now show a special anti-intruder sectional door with the exceptionally high WK5 resistance class, as is used in museums, valuables stores, hazardous substances stores, government buildings, penal institutions, research establishments or military buildings.

• Another new product is the keyless "Safe Turn System" from Sicherheitstechnik EXTREM (Hall 7, Booth 7G79.14) which serves to provide comprehensive protection, above all, for objects which could otherwise be screwed off or on. For this purpose, coded security screws are combined with internal eccentric shafts which can only be set to the correct code with a special adjusting pin. This prevents feeling attempts with which it would otherwise be possible to establish the code.

• The attack on the Christmas market in Berlin nearly two years ago showed the vulnerability of cities to terror attacks with vehicles. At FAAC (Hall 3, Booth 3D82), there will now be bollards which even stop trucks with total weights up to 6.8 tonnes. Perimeter Protection Germany GmbH (Hall 3, Booth 3C110) will offer inconspicuous bollards which can even be integrated into the regular street furniture.

• And there are also innovations with regard to secure storage units: The lock manufacturer Carl Wittkopp (Hall 2, Booth 2E30) has developed a new type of lock bar shape, the anchor-shaped "ANCHOR" which is suitable for both block and swing deadlocks.

• Anybody who does not see anything cannot steal anything either: Jumptronic (Hall 7, Booth 7D38) has developed a security fog machine for mobile utilisation. As a result of modern rechargeable battery technologies, all the machines can be operated independently of the mains for weeks. Bandit (Hall 7, Booth 7F40) will show a protective fog which, according to its own statements, is produced more quickly and four times more densely than conventional security fog.

News About All Aspects of Secure Storage Units:

• A new way of comfortably managing your secure storage units and their contents will be offered by the "Tresor App" from Hartmann Tresore (Hall 2, Booth 2D21). In addition to the administration of the safe, any removal or addition operations can each be recorded and assessed using a content management function. If the value of the contents is above the insured sum, the user receives a message by smartphone.

• A new electronic high-security lock for secure storage units from Gunnebo Deutschland (Hall 3, Booth 3C131) tends to emphasise the security aspect. For the first time, it is thus now possible to open the unit in conformity with the rules without needing any settings such as PINs or opening times in the lock for this purpose.

• Basi (Hall 2, Booth 2D50) will show safes in individual coloured designs appropriate for the home furnishings.

Alarm Installations and Surveillance Technology:

• Senstar (Hall 5, Booth 5C09) will present clever lights for the retrofitting of fences with surveillance technology. They recognise if the fence meshing is cut or even if people try to crawl under the fence or to climb over it and then light up the scenery in such a way that the assigned surveillance cameras can record precise coloured images without any shadows and transmit ideal images to the video analysis.

• Combinations with 3D radar surveillance systems are a helpful supplement to video technology. For example, 360 Vision Technology (Hall 5, Booth 5E08) will offer a moving camera system which automatically follows target objects under the control of the radar sensor. Innosent (Hall 7, Booth 7B27) will also display a new system which detects, classifies and filters objects up to 150 metres away.

• Security and insecurity - With regard to security aspects, hardly any technology is viewed as ambivalently as drones. Therefore, not only the abilities of the flying surveillance units (e.g. ela soft, Hall 5, Booth 5B48) but also the defence possibilities (e.g. Dedrone, Hall 7, Booth 7E60) will be introduced at the fair.

Identification and Access Control:

• EVVA (Hall 3, Booth 3F69) will show how the smartphone can be used as a key. The new features of the AirKey system include, amongst others, the Send a Key and Geo Tagging functions.

• A ball-shaped reader from CBC Europe (Hall 7, Booth 7D29) makes it possible to carry out four independent contactless biometric tests in one system: fingerprint, iris, face and palm vein. This is supplemented by a behaviour analysis.

• In the case of access control, several inquiries with different contents are often made in order to achieve a higher security level, e.g. PIN and fingerprint. Here, ibes (Hall 2, Booth 2C45) uses GPS tracking for outdoor locations: The access to the building is only allowed if the vehicle or mobile phone of the authorised person is located within a defined radius of the reading terminal.

• A 3D fingerprint sensor checks the authorisation during "swiping", comparable with smartphone navigation, but without touching the sensor surface (Idemia, Hall 3, Booth 3D42).

Video and Camera Technologies:

• Body cams are not uncontroversial but do help to document any happenings. The partners in discussion at the fair who will show how these can be utilised optimally will include, amongst others, Zepcam (Hall 5, Booth 5F10) and Wireless CCTV (Hall 7, Booth 7D20).

• High-end video surveillance will be available, amongst others, from AXIS Communications (Hall 5, Booth 5E10). A camera for video surveillance and photography which supplies a (video) resolution of 20 megapixels will be shown here.

• Encom Consulting (Hall 7 Booth, 7B33) has developed cameras and mounts which, thanks to a new type of material combination, supply images or thermal images without any interruptions even when under fire by Kalashnikovs or explosions two metres away.

Fire Prevention:

• The WAGNER Group (Hall 6, Booth 6A90) will show a comprehensive fire prevention solution for computer centres which does without any power shutdowns in the event of a fire. The two-stage concept combines smart fire detection with gas extinguishing using nitrogen.

• Petersen-Bach (Hall 1, Booth 1D83) will show a solution to the frequent attacks on cash dispensers during which offenders introduce explosive gases into the devices and, with the explosion, often endanger the location and neighbouring buildings too. Multigas sensors already recognise the gas when it is blown in. Subsequently, it is immediately burned off before a critical quantity arises in the cash dispenser.

Security at Major Events, in Department Stores or on Sites:

• The mobile emergency telephone from Telecom Behnke (Hall 3, Booth 3A135) ensures more security at major events or on building sites. It is easy to dismantle and transport and, upon request, can be equipped with an additional surveillance function.

• SFC Energy (Hall 7, Booth 7E25) will show an autarkic security robot operated using an innovative fuel cell. It can answer questions from visitors to the department store, recognise any dangerous situations or even monitor the outdoor areas of a factory.

Further Innovations:

• ABUS (Hall 2, Booth 2B11) will show, amongst other items, the first smart opener for terrace doors, a wireless alarm installation which can be integrated into the house automation as well as, for window protection, an intruder-inhibiting film and a reinforced lock bar.

• CSS Computer Security Service (Hall 1, Booth 1E89) will present a new emergency solution for employees working alone. The mobile alarm devices in the discreet design offer the complete range of protective functions for single workplaces (panic/position/non-movement and ripcord alarms).

• At Amaryllo International (Hall 2, Booth 2D30), it will be possible to book the "Artificial Intelligence" trading as a service. In addition to diverse evaluations, the smart cams with face recognition systems recognise in the shop not only the VIP customers but also those who have been banned, e.g. after thefts.