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Cooperate with European mortise lock, evoxs cylinder is opened by smart card which can be authorized via different ways, The whole system with different solutions can be used in various situations.


Power Supply;3.6V Li-SoCL2 Battery

Battery Life; 30000 open operation

Applicable Key Cards; M1, Mifare S70

Certificate; CE, RoHS

IP Grade; Internal(IP43),External(IP56)


E-handle with pin-code

E-handle with pin-code

Based on Rayonics e-handle, Rayonics R&D a new kind of products—e-handle with keypad, which can either open the lock by password or by swipe card.


Power Supply: 4.5V/3 AAA battery

Battery Life: 30000 open operation

Applicable Key Cards: M1, Mifare S70

Applicable thickness of door: 38 mm-90 mm

Certificate:CE, RoHS



Based on years of industry accumulation and marketing research, Rayonics successfully developed this smart locks with NFC and Bluetooth technology , It can be applied in Electric Power, Telecommunications, Transportation and other industries, which not only upgrade from traditional mechanical locks to intelligent locks, but also open a new page for centralized informationalized management.


So far, Rayonics has won many international and domestic patents; its design and technology already are in a leading level, and the products are exported to many countries of Europe and the Americas.


Now evoxs products can be divided into 2 series one is e-private products and the other one is e-industry.


For e-private we using card and mobile phone to open the lock, which is special for door lock, and according to different place we have 4 solutions(software), Standalone for home use, simple for office, logic for hotel and multiple for big project which need centralized management.


Based on I-Cloud management platform, the second series E-industry Products can be widely used in the project which need many keys, such as power supply, communication, logistic, army and other places need intelligent lock control management.The system with strong expandability can be enlarge to different customized solution to meet all kinds of requirement.

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